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Harry Coumnas PowerPoint Presentation
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Harry Coumnas

Harry Coumnas

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Harry Coumnas

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  1. Harry Coumnas Believes That Drugs Make People Stupid

  2. Harry Coumnas is a great philanthropist and a resident of Flushing, New York. This city was founded in 1645 and is situated 10 miles east of Manhattan. Harry Coumnas studied in several prestigious institutions of America including the Queens College, Queensborough College, and the City College. Queen’s college is one of the America’s most valued educational institutions. It is also referred to as ‘the jewel of CUNY system’. This college has successfully earned high rankings in prestigious college guides.

  3. Harry Coumnas is majors in Psychology and Political Science. This highly qualified and experienced professional has also earned huge acclaim as an eminent Electrical Engineering Technology professional. He is a family oriented person and possesses strong family values. He has a large family of around 100 members who are settled in different countries across the world including Western Europe, Australia and India. He loves to spend quality time with his family members.

  4. He enjoys playing pool all night long with his friends. In his leisure time, Harry Coumnas also loves to watch many movies especially on HBO cable. He also likes reading love stories. He hates drugs as according to him they make a person behave like a stupid. He also loves his pets. He has 3 dogs and 3 cats. Besides being a successful professional and humanitarian, he is great basketball player who played for the Knicks Basketball team in New York. He also loves driving very fast cars.

  5. About Harry Coumnas Harry Coumnas is a well-known Electrical Engineering Technology professional. He is a highly educated expert who studied Psychology and Political Science as his major subjects. He is a helpful, generous and family oriented human being who involves himself in a large number of humanitarian activities. He is also known for voluntarily working for the Church.