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Personal Health Records with RememberItNow!

Access your personal health record and manage your medication effectively. RememberItNow! is a medication reminder service that sends email or text messages to your cell phone to help you remember medications and appointments. Try us for free at

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Personal Health Records with RememberItNow!

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  1. Personal Health Records made easy. Personal Health Records Taking Control of Your Health Free 30-day Trial

  2. Free Trial What is a PHR? A little background info on a Personal Health Record • A PHR (personal health record), is your individual and medical information in one place. • It also contains info your doctor may not have, like exercise routines, hereditary illnesses, changes in diet, and more. • They are not part of your provider’s electronic health record, therefore they are not considered legal records and are not covered by HIPAA.

  3. Free Trial More PHR Features • Allergies and adverse drug reactions • Illnesses and hospitalizations, surgeries and other procedures. • Vaccinations, laboratory test results. • Medications (including dose and how often taken) including over the counter medications and herbal remedies. • RememberItNow! also provides electronic messaging between patients and providers, and electronic medication and event reminders.

  4. Free Trial Who needs a PHR? And Why? Studies show a strong interest among Americans • Six in ten Americans say they would use a PHR if given the opportunity. (Connecting for Health Working Group. Connecting Americans to their healthcare. Markle Foundation: 2004.) • Roughly 75% of Americans say they would communicate electronically with their physicians. • About 60% would look up test results and track medication use through PHRs if it was available. • And 70% believe that PHRs would improve the overall quality of their healthcare. (Markle Foundation. Americans want benefits of personal health records. 2003.)

  5. Free Trial RememberItNow!Demo

  6. Free Trial View your personal health record at a glance.

  7. Free Trial Adding a medication is really simple. T Easily track all your medications, dosage, and history. View more choices from your medical reports.

  8. Free Trial Be prepared: Print medication reports for a doctor’s appointment or email your healthcare providers with one click.

  9. Free Trial Your Profile Easy access to your allergies, medical conditions, and emergency contacts at once.

  10. Free Trial T RememberItNow! includes over 20 pre-built reports; ready to print or share.

  11. Free Trial T Record a journal entry with an easy click of a star. Track your health and wellness here.

  12. Spot trends in your perceived wellness.

  13. Free Trial Caregiver Peace of Mind Healthcare Provider Give better care Patient Improve Health Insurer Lower claims costs

  14. Learn more Free 30-day Trial

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