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Welcome to Seattle Plumber – Dial up Plumbing Dial up Plumbing is proud to be a family owned and operated Seattle plumbing company ‘working in Seattle and Surrounding areas since 2001. Our Seattle plumbers will be there whether you need an emergency plumbing repair, drippy faucet repaired, a toilet unclogged, a drain cleaning or replaced, a new hot water tank or if you need your whole house re-piped, Dial up Plumbing can get the job done quickly, and at a fair price, our rates are up to 50% less than the big companies it is the reason why we are your single choice when you need a licensed, bonded and insured plumbing company

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Find seattle plumbers

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  1. Finding a Seattle plumber 5 critical tips There have been stories of how plumbers charge exorbitantly just to fix a dripping tap. They show as if there are a lot of problems and charge a huge bill, whereas in reality, they might have not done much. However, these people are very small in number. The good news is that it is not tough to find a good plumber these days. If you are a bit careful and cautious you can easily find one, particular if you are hunting for a good plumber in Seattle. Now to find a good plumber, you need to know what you are looking for. The points that you need to look for in a good plumber would be: 1- Quality of work The first thing you need is quality of the work that you want. The Seattle plumber should be licensed and not just a handyman. They should use quality material and be able to perform all maintenance work. 2- Reasonably priced You definitely want quality work but not at the cost of paying an exorbitant amount. You should be aware to get your money’s worth. While selecting your plumber in Seattle, keep in mind to get the quality of work and customer service at the lowest possible rate. 3-Experienced Experience speaks for itself. Plumbers gain experience when they give quality work and have happy and satisfied customers. So, with the experienced plumbers you can be rest assured of the quality. With the number of years in the industry, they are also aware of the market and therefore will surely charge as per the market rate if not less. 4- Honest and friendly customer service Even if you get quality and low priced service, you always look for plumbers who are honest. They are genuine and will deliver according to what they promise. They will also give good and friendly customer service. They may give free advises and estimates as they are interested in giving you the best service. 5- Licensed , bonded and insured Consumers are being defrauded 80% of the time when they call a plumber in Seattle , don’t be fooled by unlicensed companies and indivuals, always look to see if the company is fully licensed and ask to see the journeyman card of the plumber who shows up atyour home.

  2. Keeping all these points in mind you will surely be able to hit upon the best plumber for you. But where do you search for such a plumber, particularly a plumber in Seattle. The easiest and simplest way is to search on the internet. Go online and search for a plumber in your own city or town. For example, if you are in Seattle, search for ‘Seattle Plumber” or “Seattle plumbing” You will get a list from where you can choose your plumber to get your work done. After that look the reviews of those companies from people who might have got their work done by some those plumbers and knows about the quality of service that they have provided. Finally look up the companies on Labor Industries website, before you hire them: http://www.lni.wa.gov/TradesLicensing/Contractors/ContractorFraud/default.asp Remember: Only journeyman licensed plumbers can perform plumbing work, Plumbing contractors must have at least 1 JOURNEYMAN LICENSED PLUMBER to perform the job . No contractor should be performing any work for you unless they can provide you current copy's of their License, Bond Insurance all plumbers and electricians carry their own special License issued by Washington state. Don't be fooled just because they show you License, bond and insurance! With all these tips, you will surely get the best plumber who will not only give quality work but also customer service and definitely will be worth every cent you pay.

  3. Top 5 reasons why Dial up plumbing is the right choice for a Seattle plumber? Our plumbers are Journeyman licensed professionals, not a handyman or general contractor will do your job, but a real skilled Seattle plumber. Area we cover: King, Pierce & Snohomish counties. 1- Affordable Plumbing Quality, they say, often comes with a price. But at Dial up Plumbing, you can save up to 30% to 50% on your toilet repair bills because our services are much more affordable without compromising on quality. You can call us anytime to ask for a free quote or free advice. 2- The Honest Plumbers in Town Expect our licensed, bonded and insured plumbers to meet you with a smile while they go about repairing your toilet. Our plumbers are honest, courteous and very professional in their approach to work. We indulge only in fair dealings by keeping you informed about estimated time, required fixtures and costs from beginning till the end of the project.3- Diligent Work Ethics Whether we come for repairing your toilet, sewer or water heater, we complete all our jobs diligently without considering the size of the work. Our plumbers will do a neat job and clean up the place after they have completed the plumbing repair works. You can rely on our services in the Greater Seattle area 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. Call our representatives today at (206) 372-8005 4- Rated A on angieslist and Google Reviews and ratings of Quality Plumbing Service Provider in in Seattle area since 2001, fell free to check our reviews online and our happy customers have to say about Dial up Plumbing 5-Quality service Our plumbers only use the best quality materials and work by the codes. We will show up to your house with a big plumbing truck, dressed professionals , wearing boots and cover protectors to protect your floor . You will get a big company service at a small company price.

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