welcome to a safeway construction n.
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A-Safeway Construction Inc.

A-Safeway Construction Inc.

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A-Safeway Construction Inc.

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  1. Welcome to A Safeway Construction Our team of expert roofers can provide a wealth of specialist roofing services for all kind of roofs.

  2. Clean Chimney Regularly To Prevent Damages Most often people do not realize the importance of small things, until it causes trouble. Similarly chimney of the house is often neglected while taking care of all the repair works like roofing repair nj, flooring maintenance, and repairing walls and pillars to avoid further damage. But the house owners tend to neglect the chimney unless until it causes them some trouble like chimney fire or it gets blocked during cold season.

  3. Chimney cleaning is essential for many reasons and the first one is to keep the health of the family in proper condition. During cold season we love to sit around the fireplace and enjoy the warmth of the burning coal or the wood. But we never realized where the smoke of the wood or the coal goes. It is the chimney that drives the smoke away and helps in keep us in good health. Due to regular use and getting exposed to smoke and ash, inner walls of the chimney gets blocked thus affecting the flow of the smoke. Contact chimney cleaning NJ services to get your chimney cleaned at least once in the six month. This will ensure good health of your family and will also prevent the chimney fire.

  4. Contact us at: A-Safeway Construction Inc. D/B/A Safeway155 Penobscot StClifton, NJ 07013  Toll Free Phone Number: (888) 488-8809 Local Phone Number: (973) 427-0099 Fax: (973) 636-6273