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  1. TYPES OF DIFFERENT PUZZLE GAMES FOR KIDS Games are a source of entertainment, not only for kids but for teenagers too. There can be various classifications of games such as fighting games, action games, adventure games, puzzle games, card games, shooting games, fun games, sports games, racing games, strategy games and many more. Each type of game uses different means of display. To begin with, fighting game is a genre of video game where the player is supposed to control an on-screen character and engage in a close combat with its opponent. These characters have the tendency to be equal power and fight matches which consist of several rounds, taking place in an arena. Players should master various techniques like counter attacking, blocking, and chaining together sequences of attacks known as Combos. Examples of a fighting game are Street Fighter, Tekken, Virtue Fighter, Heavyweight Champ and many more. Second is the arcade adventure game originally known as action-adventure game? This is a hybrid genre that combines the elements of the adventure game genre with numerous action game elements. Such games have situational problems that are to be solved by the players with either, very little or no action at all. Plus, if there is action, it is generally confined to isolated minicamps. Examples of this type of game are Colossal Cave Adventure, Atari 2600, Adventure game and so on.

  2. Puzzle games, as the name depicts, emphasize puzzle solving. These types of games involve logical and conceptual challenges with the addition of time-pressure and other action elements. Puzzles normally include different objects, shapes, symbols or colors, which the player, either directly or indirectly, manipulates into a specific pattern. Puzzle games typically offer a series of related puzzles, rather than presenting a random collection of puzzles to solve, that are a variation on a single theme. The theme could involve anything from pattern recognition to logic or understanding a process. There is ample variety of puzzle games. Some of them are action puzzle, hidden object game, reveal the picture game, physics game, traditional puzzle, and tile matching and so on.

  3. Furthermore, these specials are combined to create spectacular effects such as Mega-Candy and Super Stripe. In order to play this game three basic steps are needed to be followed. First of all, the player is required to create rows or columns with three candies of the same color in order to remove them. Second to make special combinations with four or five candies to make special sweets. Lastly to combine the special sweets to create splendid effects that will crush even more candy. Another example of a puzzle game is Cat Shoat. In this game the player is supposed to make use of the given objects in order to form a makeshift track that will transport the golden cookie to the hungry cat. Being a fun physics-based construction game, the player's job is to help a cat named Shoat to get his food in each stage by placing the provided objects in their correct positions. Another puzzle game is the Flow Free game. Flow free is simple yet an addictive puzzle game. This game play ranges from challenging and relaxed, to frenetic and simple, and everywhere in between. The player's job is to connect matching colors with pipe to create a flow. Then pair all colors, and cover the entire board to solve each puzzle in Flow Free. One thing the player needs to watch out is that the pipes will break if they cross or overlap! There are various similar puzzle games. In order to master these entire all you need to do is pay a little concentration, use your common sense, follow the instructions and the game is all yours!

  4. Candy Crush is one the examples of a puzzle game. In this game the player is required to crush the candy in order to create special sweets such as striped candy, rainbow candy and wrapped candy.