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The Whisky Facts

The facts.

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The Whisky Facts

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  1. Whisky Facts What you wanted to know about whisky, but didn’t know where to go!

  2. Whisky and Whiskie There is considerable debate around wither or not the Scottish distilleries are the only ones or not who are able to spell their whisky – “whisky”. It is generally considered that “whisky” is Scottish and Whiskie is any other country who produce the spirit. The Scottish spell it without the "e" because they believe more vowels waste good drinking time.

  3. Whisky is Actually Beer? Whisky is effectively just beer, the only real difference is that beer has hops added to the mix! A quote from the American Whisky Association: "To distil whiskey you first have to make beer. Beer is a technical term for whiskey wash, regardless of the type of raw ingredients used.“

  4. Angels Share • For every year that whisky is stored in the barrels, it will lose 4% of the liquid.

  5. How Rare Is MY Whisky • Technically the oldest whisky in the world is the rarest? Why because the every year the angel steals it’s share! • Here's how to calculate how much whisky is left over from each year. “100 x (0.96) ^ years old = % of whiskey left on earth from that year.”

  6. Distributors Whisky Online – purchasing and researching whisky online is one of the best ways to understand what your product without visiting the distillery

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