7 ways for women to lose weight fast n.
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7 ways for women to lose weight fast PowerPoint Presentation
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7 ways for women to lose weight fast

7 ways for women to lose weight fast

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7 ways for women to lose weight fast

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  1. 7 Ways for Women to Lose Weight Fast

  2. Once women enter middle age, then any are having a hard time to lose weight. This is true even if you are eating the same number of calories every day, more and more pounds will continue to add in your weight. The reason for this is because the metabolic rate of the body starts to slow down during this stage of life. The main reason for slow metabolism is because of the pre-menopause and menopause stage experience by women at their middle age

  3. This is why their ability to digest calories decreases. Weight gain also happens for women who are suffering from thyroid problems. You do not have to buy new clothes with larger size because there are ways of how you can lose weight effectively even at this stage of life.

  4. Drink cold water • If you are dehydrated then it can affect the temperature of the body and in return slow down the metabolism. Once you are dehydrated, then your temperature will drop. This will make your body store more fats just to increase your body’s temperature to normal level. This is why you need to drink 8 glasses of water every day or as needed by your body. Some even suggest drinking cold water to stabilize the body’s temperature. By doing so, it can speed up the metabolism and you will use more calories.

  5. Drink green tea • By drinking green tea, there is chance for you to lose 50 to 80 pounds. The reason for this is because this tea contains EpigallocatechinGallate, which is a compound that can accelerate metabolism and eventually helps in losing weight. It is recommended that you drink at least to cups of green tea every day to lose 50 pounds in 6 months’ time. Aside from helping you to lose weight, drinking green tea can offer additional benefits. This tea can boost your immune system, helps in digestion and regulate your blood sugar level.

  6. Consume daily dose of calcium • Calcium can help to boost metabolism because it increase body temperature. Actually, you do not have to take calcium supplement because you can increase your calcium intake by eating foods like green leafy vegetables, spinach, milk, yogurt, cheese and other foods that are rich in calcium.

  7. Eat more breakfast • As you all know breakfast is your very first meal of the day, so you need to eat heavy breakfast. If you really want to lose weight, then you need to eat heavy breakfast composed of meat, carbohydrates, fruits and many more. Consuming heavy breakfast can help you to suppress your appetite for the whole day.

  8. Try to build muscles • It is good to build more muscles because it can boost your basal metabolism. Muscle cells can burn more calories compared to fat cells. For every 5 pounds of lean muscles, it can burn 150 calories a day. You can do resistant exercises to develop more lean muscles.

  9. Aerobic exercises • These exercises are activities that can increase your heart rate and it can also boost the metabolism at the same time. It is better if you will do aerobic exercises at least 4 times every week.

  10. Treat your underlying diseases • There are diseases that can make a women gain weight fast like hormonal imbalances, polycystic ovarian syndrome, hypothyroidism and more. Once you treat these diseases, then you can now go back to your ideal body weight.