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How to lead a happy life PowerPoint Presentation
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How to lead a happy life

How to lead a happy life

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How to lead a happy life

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  1. How to lead a happy life?

  2. Keep Smiling Keep an ever smiling face. Smile is the curve which can set things right. Be it a relationship or difficult life situation, just keep smiling. Yes, keep smiling because only a real life hero has guts to smile in difficult phase of life.

  3. Remain down to earth No one can gain by holding that ego. Free yourself from ego and think life from others perspective as well.

  4. Forgive and Forget Because if you will hold that feeling of grudge inside, you will not be able to move forward. Rather forget things and take it is as an opportunity.

  5. Eat healthy

  6. Being grateful Be grateful for what you have. It is probably the best GOD would have given you. See the people who are suffering more than you. You are still leading a better life.

  7. Stay calm and composed When you panic, things get complicated. Think with open mind about the solutions. Forget about the problem. Just be concerned about what you can do next.

  8. Eat healthy Buy only organic food. The normal food is full of pesticides and harmful chemicals. You become what you eat. So buy only quality organic food for your family. It is a good idea to start organic food now as it will be preventing lot of health problems in later life. My mum always say – “ See what you are eating.”. If you think it is not good for health. Eat it but in less quantity. Being healthy is

  9. Keep praying Never ask for any materialistic things from GOD. Because, any which ways you will only get what is written in your destiny. Keep praying for strength and wisdom. If you will have these two things, you will be able to overcome all the difficult situations of life.

  10. Spend time with your family and loved ones It is important to have a balanced life. Most important gift you can to your children/ your spouse/your parents is time. Work will continue life long, but the time you will share with your family is simply precious.

  11. Never compare your life with others as you don’t know what is their journey all about.

  12. Zero Expectation Rather it is better to live upto expectation. Because when you will live up to expectation of your loved ones, you will feel happy from inside that atleast you fulfilled your duties properly. Relationships get worse when you expect things from others. Live life with zero expectation.

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