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Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd PowerPoint Presentation
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Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd

Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd

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Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd

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  1. Maharashtra Airport Development Company Ltd MADC A Health Care City At The Centre Of India

  2. Features of the Healthcare City MADC To be spread across 50 Hectares of Land 2000 Bed Multi / Super Speciality Hospital Adjacent to existing Airport Uninterrupted water supply Uninterrupted & Cheap power supply through CPP

  3. Features of the Healthcare City MADC 8 – 10 Superspeciality hospitals of world class Urology Oncology Orthopedics Neurology & Neuro Surgery Physiotherapy Transplant Centres Nephrology Ophthalmology, etc…

  4. Features of the Healthcare City MADC World class infrastructure Excellent connectivity through IT, Telecom etc. Star & Economy hotels for relatives/companions etc Common Diagnostic Centre / facilities Common Waste Disposal facilities

  5. Features of the Healthcare City MADC Indian system of medicine Medical outsourcing centre Telemedicine centre R & D hub

  6. Options MADC Formation of SPV PSP may choose to implement one / more super speciality MADC’s equity contribution – Value of developed land Open mind about alternate options MADC’s role – Facilitator / Coordinator

  7. Uniqueness Tie-up with international travel agents health brokers insurance companies TPA Pickup and drop Travel arrangements – combination with a tour of “Incredible India” MADC

  8. Uniqueness MADC Translators Cuisine to suit, all International connectivity Air, road, rail connectivity, Nationally Nursing Institute Ancillary Institute

  9. Location in MIHAN Project MADC

  10. A view of Healthcare City MADC

  11. Facilities for Medical Personnel MADC Classy residential accommodation International school Clubs / Golf course / Multiplexes etc Other economic activity nearby

  12. Why a hospital project ? MADC • Healthcare - World’s largest industry worth $3 tn • National health policy – treating of foreign patients, legal • CII McKinsey estimates – • Rs.2320 bn to Rs.3200 bn market in India by 2012 • Medical tourism business could bring $1.1bn - $2.2bn into India by 2012 • Medical tourism in India growing by 30% a year

  13. Why a project based on Medical Tourism? MADC As health care costs skyrocket, patients in the developed world are looking overseas for medical treatment. India is capitalizing on its low costs and highly trained doctors to appeal to these "medical tourists." Even with airfare, the cost of going to India for surgery can be markedly cheaper, and the quality of services is often better than that found in the United States and UK. Indeed, many patients are pleased at the prospect of combining their tummy tucks with a trip to the Taj Mahal.

  14. Present Indian Scenario MADC 2 million Indians are covered under Medical Insurance 75% population under Medical Insurance plan in USA. Current growth of Health care industry 17% p.a. 11% family income in India spent on Health care Middle class are willing to pay more for treatments

  15. Present Indian Scenario MADC In India - 94 beds per lakhs population As per WHO - 333 bed per lakhs population In India - 1.5 beds per Thousands In China, Brazil & Thailand - 4.3 beds per Thousand Demand for 80000 multi super specialty beds in India Expected investment Rs.1000-1400 billion next decade - 80% would come from private sector

  16. Global Medical Tourism MADC

  17. Major players in Indian Medical Tourism Industry MADC

  18. Comparative analysis: Cost MADC

  19. Comparative analysis: Cost MADC

  20. Waiting Period MADC

  21. Advantage: India MADC • Price 1/5th or 1/10th charged vis-à-vis developed countries • No waiting time for treatments • Leading doctors in many parts of world are Indians • Success rates are at par with the US/UK etc • Technology edge • Success of Kerala in ‘niche medical tourism’ Moscow London Beijing Tokyo Cairo Dubai MIHAN Abu dhabi Hong kong Colombo Singapore Canberra Johannesburg

  22. Competitors MADC

  23. Caveats MADC International accreditation and standardization All hospitals must conform to code of ethics Handling of medico-legal cases Tie up with tourism department Faster regulatory clearances

  24. Caveats MADC Visa processing Flight connectivity Shortage of qualified nurses / admin & paramedics Facility for credit payment Uniform price band for health insurance majors

  25. Why Healthcare City in S.E.Z area ? MADC Duty & tax concessions Free movement of medical tourists Connectivity

  26. Why Healthcare City in Nagpur ? MADC Shortage of Standardized Hospitals in Central India Availability of land Low cost of living Catchment area – 500 Kms

  27. Conclusion MADC Total Project Cost - Rs.561 Crores Project has potential from both within and outside the country Economically sound concept Key force driving the national economy, next only to IT. Thank you