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  1. By: DOMINIQUE Tines Should Students Be Able To Have Part-time Job?

  2. What banning jobs can cause. • If part-time jobs were banned many students would drop out of school to be a full-time worker. • It can also cause the economy to shrink. • Adults that work the same jobs as students would be forced to work late nights and weekends, that are usually covered by younger teens and students

  3. It Wont Hurt ♫If a job does affect a student’s grade, they are mature and old enough to make their own decisions ♦Having a job can help them realize a lot of things, for an example, they start to wonder about their futures and start to be more positive about school work and try harder

  4. ♥Having a part-time job gives students more Independence and CASH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. What jobs can help with!! •Saving money from their paycheck can help pay for college •Help with family finances and bills •Help on their college application if they see that the student maintained good grades while having a job

  6. Part-time jobs teach students how to be more responsible in ways that schools can’t ☺Teach them to be punctual ☻Teach them how to work in a team and how to work well with others ☺Students can also start to learn the value of a dollar and learn how to manage their money

  7. Do you think it should Be banned?

  8. THE END