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Luscious Caribbean

Luscious Caribbean

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Luscious Caribbean

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  1. Luscious Caribbean Antigua & Barbuda Dominica Barbados Suriname Haiti ST. Vincent and the Grenadines Trinidad & Tobago St. Kitts-Nevis The Bahamas Montserrat Guyana Belize St. Lucia Jamaica

  2. Jamaica Come taste of the Beautiful waters of Jamaica, with luscious greenery Whether streaming waters, or still pools, the landscape tells of remote beauty. The cool waters of Castleton Garden run through the land bringing life to the place known as the Land of Wood and Water

  3. Jamaica Jamaica’s forests provide a haven for its large indigenousAnimal species especially the swallow tail hummingbird, the symbolof the National Airline, Air Jamaica

  4. Jamaica Beyond the lush vegetation and the sparkling waters of the beach There are the bustling cities of Kingston, and Montego Bay, the Air Jamaica world Hub

  5. Jamaica The gentlemen, the deacon, Paul Bogle of the Native Baptist Church Author of the Morant Bay rebellion which resulted in his death, was one of the seven National Heroes of Jamaica helping pave the way for the freedom of the people. An icon in whom our culture was found

  6. Trinidad & Tobago Colonised first by the Spanish in the 14th then ceded to Great Britain in the 18thTrinidad has had a colourful past which has left its mark on the island with the lovelyarchitecture of its places of worship, study, residence and business Minor Basilica of the Immaculate Queen’s Royal National Museum and Art Gallery of Port of

  7. Trinidad and Tobago Endowed with an abundant resource of Tar pits, Trinidad is able to support itself economically and has a fast growing manufacturing industry.

  8. Trinidad The story of Trinidad could never be told without its exquisite and beautiful Carnival Celebrations. Here in the Kiddies Carnival, the children are decorated magnificently in colourful costumes which demonstrate the vivacious culture which is pervasive throughout this entire Island in the Eastern Caribbean

  9. Barbados At our next stop, Barbados we see vestiges of the Colonial Era with its architecture still touching the Bajan, landscape.

  10. Barbados Even Barbados doesn’t escape the titilating pleasures of the Carnival

  11. The Bahamas Behind these old relics lies a great history of change. But there lies something even more ancient BahamasVendue House (pink, early 1800s), Diocesan Building (1893), & Commerce Building in Nassau. The octagonal Nassau Public LibraryWhich was once a prison

  12. The Bahamas From Traditional African Dance, this blend of colourful masks,predating but resembling the modern Caribbean Carnival, is usually performed around Christmas time where it may even frighten the little ones away