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Cast of I Am The Cheese PowerPoint Presentation
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Cast of I Am The Cheese

Cast of I Am The Cheese

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Cast of I Am The Cheese

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  1. Cast of I Am The Cheese By: Ashley Michel and Tatum Erb

  2. Adam Farmer Zachary Gordon is a good Adam because of his facial features and character.

  3. Amy Hertz AnnaSophia Robb portrays a perfect Amy because of her big blue eyes and her loving heart. Textual Evidence: “Her eyes were beautiful, blue.” (pg. 46)

  4. Louise Farmer Jennifer Garner is a perfect Mom because of her loving nature and “worried” face. Textual Evidence: “She was sitting at the window, looking out, a forlorn figure, wistful.” (pg. 152)

  5. Anthony Farmer Tom Cruise is a good dad because he is stubborn, yet loving.

  6. Brint (T) Leonardo DiCaprio portrays a good Brint because he is stubborn, secretive, and pushes for information. Textual Evidence: “T: You must say it. T: You must not stop now.” (pg. 199)

  7. Martha (voice) Emily Blunt has a very soothing, calm voice, so she would be a great Martha.

  8. Grey Man Bruce Willis has a secretive character, which makes him good for the part of Mr. Grey.

  9. Arthur Hayes They describe this man as a friendly character, so Jack Black is an excellent Arthur.

  10. Whipper They describe this teen as quite the rapscallion, so Josh Hutcherson is a wonderful Whipper.

  11. Dr. Dupont Dr. Phil is an exceptional Dr. Dupont because he is a kind and understanding man. Textual Evidence: “He places his arm around me. That’s all right.” (pg. 205)

  12. Elderly Guy (Arnold) Martin Sheen is a kind man so I believe he would be an excellent elderly man.

  13. Elderly Woman (Edna) Sally Field is an impeccable elderly lady because she is kind, yet stubborn.

  14. Male Operator David Spade is ideal for the part of male operator, because of his tone. I can imagine him getting angry when Adam calls.