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Raffle Dinner details

Raffle Dinner details

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Raffle Dinner details

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  1. Raffle Dinner details • This slide will NOT be part of the Evening Presentation. • These slides are informational to the design of the event. • Assumption #1: 250 tickets Sold. ALL tickets MUST be sold for the raffle portion to work. • Assumption #2: Cost of Meal and set-up is $30 per Person (two meals per ticket sold). • ALL tickets MUST be sold as PRE-SALES.

  2. Top Prize is $5,000 Every Twentieth Ticket is a Winner* Raffle Dinner May 18th Donation: $100 per Ticket Every Ticket includes: Dinner for Two with LIVE Blues & Jazz and Dancing. Smallest Prize is $100. Tickets will go on Sale February 2013. SAVE the DATE: May 18, 2013 …It Could Be Your LUCKY Day! Presented by the Men of Holy Family :: Further Details at :: *Prizes are: $5,000 Grand Prize, $1,000 2nd Prize, $500 3rd Prize & 15x$100 drawn randomly the night of the event. ALL Tickets MUST be Sold. Limited Number of Tickets to be Sold is 250. Need Not be Present to Win. Odds are calculated based upon the 18 winners from a pool of 250 tickets. Proceeds go toward the MOHF $1MM Goal for the parish.

  3. DRAFT version • Intent of color slides is to provide some educational component in a trivia style manner (did you know..?). • Slides are incomplete. Suggestions welcomed. • Draft version of slide show begins on the next slide.

  4. An Evening of Top Prize is $5,000 Raffle Dinner May 18th Every Twentieth Ticket is a Winner* Donation: $100 per Ticket Every Ticket includes: Dinner for Two with Live Blues & Jazz Music and Dancing. Smallest Prize is $100. Tickets will go on Sale February 2013. Presented by the Men of Holy Family :: Proceeds go toward the MOHF $1MM Goal for the parish. ::

  5. It Could Be Your LUCKY Day! Raffle Dinner Welcome Jazz & Blues Fans

  6. Raffle Dinner “Did You Know…?” Sharing Facts About &

  7. “Did You Know…?” • The Underpinning of Almost All of today’s Popular Music. • Blues music is a style of music that is based around using "blue notes." It started in African-American communities in the United States and was influenced by various things, like spirituals, field hollers, church music and chants. • The term ‘the blues’was first used by Washington Irving in 1807.

  8. “Did You Know…?” W.C. Handy • African-American composer W.C. Handy introduced the blues via recordings between 1911 and 1914. Blues had been around for over 50 years. • His strong musical background and his ability to remember any song he heard helped in creating new compositions. • He is credited with organizing the first blues performance at Carnegie Hall, 1928. W. C. Handy • Handy's role in bringing blues music to the public earned him the title of "Father of the Blues".

  9. “Did You Know…?” • ‘King of the Horn’. • Considered by many to be the ‘Father of Jazz’, transforming ragtime into jass and blues. • Too early for recordings, but he played with many jazz musicians who held his abilities in high esteem when jazz was only beginning to be called ‘jass’. • Had his own band in New Orleans for seven years before being committed in 1907 to a mental institution at age 30 for schizophrenia. He died in the institution. Buddy Bolden

  10. “Did You Know…?” • Blues music is shrouded in a veil of legend and lore. • Recognized as one of the only forms of music that originated in the United States, blues can be traced back as far as the 1860s through word of mouth.

  11. “Did You Know…?” Mamie Smith • Blues exploded nationally in the 1920s when • Mamie Smithperformed the first blues tune with vocals: "Crazy Blues" (1920). Mamie Smith and her Jazz Hounds

  12. “Did You Know…?” • Blues music has been an integral part of American culture that is still evident in music today. • The genre has been highly influential to rock 'n' roll music of the past and modern day. It also paved the way for rhythm & blues (R&B), folk, bluegrass and jazz.

  13. The Blues … Prominently influential to rock 'n' roll music

  14. “Did You Know…?” There are four main types of blues music styles. Delta Blues began in the Mississippi delta areas and is the original style of blues. Robert Johnson, Lead Belly, Charlie Patton and Blind Blake

  15. “Did You Know…?” There are four main types of blues music styles. Chicago Blues introduced electric instruments to the blues sound, as well as microphones for vocals and amplifiers.

  16. “Did You Know…?” There are four main types of blues music styles. Texas Blues is nearly identical to Chicago Blues in instruments but has a Texan flair not found in Chicago.

  17. “Did You Know…?” There are four main types of blues music styles. Blues Rock is the youngest style, beginning in the 1960s. Influenced by Delta and Chicago Blues.

  18. “Did You Know…?” Ma Rainey • In 1923, Ma Rainey signed with Paramount Records and recorded 100 songs between 1923 and 1928. • She was billed as the “Mother of the Blues.” • Commemorative Stamp issued Sept. 17, 1994

  19. “Did You Know…?” • Robert Johnson No other blues musician is more shrouded in mystery and intrigue than Robert Johnson. • When he first played the guitar for Son House and Willie Brown, they told him that he should stay with playing harmonica. • He returned a short time later (1930) to play guitar for them again and surprised them by exhibiting skills that were greater than their own. It was then that the rumor began that Johnson had sold his soul to the Devil.

  20. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Jelly Roll Morton • A pivotal figure in both Blues and Jazz • Influential in New Orleans and Chicago musicscenes. • Before he was 10, he learned the guitar and banjo. • At age ten, he was playing his main instrument, the piano.

  21. “Did You Know…?” Jelly Roll Morton Jelly Roll Morton and his Red Hot Peppers • His style of playing was predominantly characterized by African elements such asragtime, blues, field hollers, & spirituals. • Dubbed the Latin and Caribbean elements of his music “The Spanish Tinge”.

  22. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Jelly Roll Morton • Prominent in BOTH • the Blues and Jazz development. • “Wholly Individual - as Subtly and Indefinably ‘Mortonian’. – as Mozart is Mozartian” claimed one critic in 1941 upon his death.

  23. “Did You Know…?” B. B. King • As of his 1strecording, 'Miss Martha King', (1949), the electric guitar was becoming the central instrument & focus of the blues. • Given name is Riley B. King • Nicknamed “King of the Blues” • Guitar’s nickname: ‘Lucille’

  24. “Did You Know…?” Benny Goodman • Jazz and Swing Clarinet Player & Bandleader. • ‘King of Swing’ music. • A perfectionist, he worked with big names: Gene Krupa, Lionel Hampton Cootie Williams & Teddy Wilson

  25. “Did You Know…?” John Lee Hooker • Blues Singer, Songwriter & Guitarist • Nickname: ‘Master of the Boogie’

  26. “Did You Know…?” Bessie Smith • Blues Singer. • Released her first recording, 'Down Hearted Blues', in 1923. • Nickname: ‘Empress of the Blues’

  27. “Did You Know…?” Billie Holiday • Jazz Singer Nicknamed "Lady Day“ • “Lady Sings the Blues” – the movie was the story of Billie Holiday. • She sang with ease and angst, and a distinctive style to recast a song’s melody. • She sang for Benny Goodman, Count Basie, Duke Ellington, Artie Shaw, Louis Armstrong & Woody Herman

  28. “Did You Know…?” Buddy Guy • Blues Guitarist. • Born in Louisiana, he left for Chicago in 1957, the year he first recorded. • He released his first album, 'Hoodoo Man Blues', in 1965.

  29. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Buddy Rich • Jazz Drummer & Bandleader • Played on Broadway at age 4 under the name ‘Infant Taps’. • Played with Art Tatum and Lionel Hampton as a Trio.

  30. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Charlie Parker • Jazz Alto Saxophonist. • Charlie Parker comes close to having as much influence on the history of Jazz as Louis Armstrong does. • Set the standard for Bebop phrasing with his Improvising genius.

  31. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Dizzy Gillespie • Jazz Trumpeter known for ‘Bebop’. • Introduced Bebop with Latin rhythm which he dubbed: ‘Cubop’

  32. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Duke Ellington • Jazz Pianist, Composer & Bandleader. • Composed Big Band Jazz with novel voicings & strange harmonies – Like different colors on a canvas. • Composed over 1000 songs & performed for over 50 years.

  33. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Ella Fitzgerald • “First Lady of Jazz” • Became a Singer by accident when she entered a contest as a Dancer & froze on stage. She began to sing as cover. • She truly sang the ‘Songbook’ – a series of compositions by Cole Porter, Gershwin, Rogers & Hart, Duke Ellington & more.

  34. “Did You Know…?” Ethel Waters • Started as a Bluessinger, moved on to sing Jazz, Big Band, Swing • Began acting and was 2nd Black to be nominated for an Academy Award asBest Supporting Actress in the movie ‘Pinky’. • She performed with Duke Ellington, Count Basie andSammy Davis Jr.

  35. “Did You Know…?” Gene Krupa • Drummer:Jazz, Swing, Dixieland, Big Band, Composer and Bandleader • Played withEddie Condon & • Benny Goodman • Recorded two albums with fellow drummer Buddy Rich

  36. “Did You Know…?” Howlin’ Wolf • Blues Singer / Guitarist & Harmonica Player • 1st recorded in 1951, 'Moanin' At Midnight' and 'How Many More Years'. • Early Influence on Rock n Roll.

  37. “Did You Know…?” Jimmy Rushing • Blues & Swing Singer. • Recorded with Count Basie & his orchestra. • Known as ‘Five by Five’ a reference to his height and width.

  38. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” John Coltrane • Jazz Tenor Saxophonist. • Known for his mystical ½-hour • Saxophone Solos. • His Influence in Jazz is compared to that of Miles Davis over the last 50 years.

  39. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong • His amazing technical abilities, the joy and spontaneity, and amazingly quick, inventive musical mindstill dominate Jazz to this day. • The records made by Louis Armstrong's Hot Five and Hot Seven are considered to be absolute jazz classics and speak of Armstrong's creative powers. • Noted as the greatest of all Jazz musicians. • Armstrong defined what it was to play Jazz.

  40. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong • Armstrong originally followed the New Orleans style. • Later moving from Louisiana to Chicago, he played with King Oliver, with whom he first recorded, then branched out. • His first recordings as a band leader were 'My Heart' and 'Cornet Chop Suey' in 1925. • When the word "jazz" is read or spoken the name "Louis Armstrong" cannot but arise in any American mind.

  41. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Louis “Satchmo” Armstrong • In the ‘30s, he became a Star Entertainer rather than just a pure Jazz Musician. • Singing became a larger portion of his work as he became an International Celebrity. • His enduring songs are ‘Hello, Dolly’ and ‘What a Wonderful World’

  42. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Count Basie • Jazz Pianist, Composer & Orchestra Leader. • A superb Talent Scout within the industry, he often recruited soloists into his Swing Bands to nurture them and re-launch their careers. • Often worked with the finest Jazz vocalists: Jimmy Rushing, Joe Williams, Billie Holiday, • Ella Fitzgerald, Nat ‘King’ Cole & Frank Sinatra.

  43. Jazz Legends… “Did You Know…?” Maynard Ferguson • Jazz Trumpeter and Bandleader. • The genre has been highly influential we [q owi w ww’ep.

  44. “Did You Know…?” Mighty Joe Young • Blues Guitarist. • The genre has been highly influential e ue l; na www.

  45. “Did You Know…?” Stevie Ray Vaughan • Rock Blues Guitarist. • The genre has been highly influential ehapnapgann m.

  46. “Did You Know…?” Sunnyland Slim • Blues Piano Player. • The genre has been highly influential apsroiuhagianapivn.

  47. “Did You Know…?” Charlie Patton • Noted as “the King of Delta Blues” • Though writing blues songs as early as 1910, he didn't record anything until 1929. • 'Pony Blues' was his first recording.

  48. “Did You Know…?” Son House • “Father of the Delta Blues” • Noted for teaching Robert Johnson the Blues Guitar.

  49. “Did You Know…?” LeadBelly • A folk and gospel singer, introduced guitar as a main medium of the blues, first recording in 1912. • In and out of jail several times and having worked in a chain gang, He later played for radio stations in New York City, and worked with blues and folk musicians.

  50. “Did You Know…?” Big Joe Turner • Blues Singer, ‘Boss of the Blues’. • 1st recording in 1938 (‘Roll Em Pete’ / ‘Going Away Blues’ 1939 • Early Rock n’ Roll Legend.