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Film Poster Research

Film Poster Research.

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Film Poster Research

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  1. Film Poster Research

  2. In this film poster there are many forms and conventions I would like to incorporate into my media product for example the way the main images are divided into four equal quadrants connotes the contrast in the four characters that within that film. Furthermore I like the tag line being above the images to reinforce the imagery and give the audience a glimpse into the films plot, this is another convention i will be trying to include in my film poster.

  3. In this film poster there are a few forms and conventions I again would like my Film poster to follow. These consist of the reviews from media institutions such as Empire and Total Film. In addition to this I like the edited font of the title the kings speech in a gold font with a crown dotting the “i” in King this is a feature i would like to include in my final film poster.

  4. In this Film poster I particularly I like the use of the simplicity of it with the image bleeding the poster with the actors name boldly at the top in the same font as the title to link the two together well. I also like the tagline at the bottom surrounding the film in mystery making the audience want to go and see the film. This is a convention I would like to include in my film poster

  5. Overall I want to create a simple film poster following the forms and conventions of Iconic Film posters such as Film Reviews Artistic Imagery and co-ordinated fonts and colours to reflect the genre of the film.

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