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Garage Door

Garage Door

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Garage Door

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  1. Garage Door How to pick the best Garage Door for your home It’s no secret that choosing a new garage door can be too difficult. The process can even feel quite overwhelming, simply because there are so many styles and types to choose from. Additionally, there are other factors to consider such as choice of materials and price. The care in planning is certainly worth it, however, studies shows that the right choice in a new garage door provides one of the highest returns on investment you can make for your home. That’s because of the enormous curb appeal improvement you gain when you choose a garage door that complements your home’s architectural design. Your garage door provides an opportunity to make a positive, memorable first impression. 1. Decide on the material •When researching your options, there are lot to think about: durability, maintenance, design, cost. “Wood doors can take more abuse than steel ones, which show dings and dents, and can even be pierced and start to rust “The most commonly used wood is cedar, but you can get anything you want if you have the budget, even mahogany. The idea is to blend it into the facade – white trim and a white door is a very old-fashioned look. With contemporary homes, you can go crazy with materials, like glass doors and interesting wood designs.” 1. Aluminum *Many styles, stock colors and designs *Low to no maintenance *Rustproof, which makes it a good choice for salty or humid environments *The light weight of the material makes it less taxing on the operating mechanism, door openers and tracks, not to mention easier to operate manually *Less durable than steel; dents easily

  2. 2. Steel *Astonishing variety of styles, stock colors and finishes *Sturdier than aluminum *Can rust if scratched or dented 3. Wood *The traditionalist’s choice; a range of options for custom design *Veneers or overlays offer the look of wood at a lower cost *Requires regular maintenance (painting or staining) 2. Determine the style that best suits your home •Choose a door that complements your architecture. “On a traditional house, you might want the door to disappear or blend in. But if your home is modern, you can celebrate that, perhaps by choosing all glass or a unique design. Below are general guidelines on door styles and features that will match your house type. 1. Victorian/georgian/colonial *Panelled wood (or lookalikes) *Coach house or stable look *Divided-light windows, ideally coordinated with house windows *Decorative hardware, like iron hinges or handles 2) Arts & crafts/edwardian *Raised panels or sections *Arch-top or divided-light windows to match or complement your home’s windows (but nothing too fussy looking)

  3. 3) Contemporary/modern This style offers the most design freedom – choose materials and details that make a statement Options to consider: stained wood, V-ribbed or horizontal banding, frosted or pebbled glass For More Information Log Into: