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Love your life

Love your life

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Love your life

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  1. Love your life

  2. Meet the Moccasins The Moccasins are an unsigned Indie Rock band and are made up of four men aged 18/19. They are based in Hythe, Kent. Jacob Wraight-Blackman - Lead vocals and guitarRichard Pledger - Lead guitarJack Hatfield - Drums Bobby Gabriel – Bass They have been together for several years and play in pubs and clubs all over Kent and London. They have proven to be an extremely popular band within the area.

  3. My plan Location: I am planning on filming my video in the area the band are from using the local fields and open spaces. The song I am using is called ‘Love your live’ and I would love to have a nature aspect of it involved in the video. I would also like to film the boys doing what they do best- performing and rehearsing as well as film them in their recording space.

  4. The video will not really have a narrative as such as there will be no story behind it will create an understanding of the band for the audience. • Where they are from • Their friendships with each other • Their individuality • How hard working they are

  5. Camera Angles • I will use wide shots showing the band in their environment. • As well as close ups- when they are playing/rehearsing- showing their concentration- hard work.

  6. I would like to use a black and white affect on the video to make it more simple. I think black and white is extremely affective for videos. Gives the video a sense of simplicity and allows you to focus more on the music and the artists. Also makes you appreciate their skills more.

  7. The band will be themselves, wearing their everyday clothing etc.