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The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece PowerPoint Presentation
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The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

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The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

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  1. The Gods and Goddesses of Ancient Greece

  2. MOUNT OLYMPUS Home of the Gods Originally thought to be a real mountain Finally came to be thought of as a floating mountain in the sky

  3. ZEUS (Roman Name: Jupiter) Supreme Ruler of the Gods His weapon was the mighty thunderbolt He falls in love frequently and often acts on it (even though he is married)

  4. HERA (Roman Name: Juno) Zeus’ Wife and Sister Protector of marriage and married women Very jealous of Zeus’ numerous lovers

  5. HADES (Roman Name: Pluto) Lord of the Underworld Ruler of the Dead

  6. POSEIDON (Roman Name: Neptune) Ruler of the Seas and Oceans

  7. DEMETER (Roman Name: Ceres) Goddess of Corn and Agriculture Her moods affect the seasons

  8. APHRODITE (Roman Name: Venus) Goddess of Love and Beauty Wife of Hephaestus

  9. HESTIA (Roman Name: Vesta) Goddess of the Home


  11. ARES (Roman Name: Mars) God of War None of the other gods like him much

  12. ATHENA (Roman Name: Minerva) Battle Maiden and Goddess of Wisdom While adopted by Hera, she is the daughter of Zeus only (sprang from his head)

  13. HEPHAESTUS (Roman Name: Vulcan) God of Fire and the Forge He is the only ugly god Husband of Aphrodite

  14. HEBE (Roman Name: None) Cupbearer of the Gods

  15. APOLLO (Roman Name: Apollo) Twin Brother of Artemis God of Music and Poetry God of Light and Truth Never told a lie His Oracle at Delphi was the most popular

  16. ARTEMIS (Roman Name: Diana) Twin Sister of Apollo Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt Lady of the Wild Things

  17. PERSEPHONE (Roman Name: Proserpine) Goddess of Spring She was kidnapped by Hades Later made the Queen of the Underworld Spends half the year in Hades, half on Earth

  18. HERMES (Roman Name: Mercury) Messenger of the Gods Has wings on sandals and cap Appears the most often of all the gods