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hair transplant clinic in bangalore

Cosmetic studio is the best hair transplant clinic in bangalore. here we mentioned with before after images of 3000 grafts FUE technique<br>

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hair transplant clinic in bangalore

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  1. Hair Transplant Before After 3000 Grafts Cosmetic Studio 1/2 lavelle mansion, 3rd floor lavelle road, Near to Richmond circle, Bangalore - 560001 Landmark: opposite to back entrance of Bangalore club.

  2. Procedure: The 3000 graft hair transplant clinic in bangalore safely removes 3000 individual healthy hair (and roots) using the extraction method by Dr. Vivek bhat – the Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) In past procedures the patient would have to endure surgery which involved cutting either plugs or an entire strip of scalp from the healthy donor area. In the case of the plugs the individual circles of scalp were grafted onto the area in need of coverage. In the case of the scalp strip the strip would be “mined” for individual units of healthy growing hair which would then be transplanted. technique.

  3. HairTransplant Technique: Major scarring resulted from either of these procedures. The plug technique had the added problem of the plugs becoming quite obvious as the surrounding natural-growth hair died away from hair loss leaving the plugs with no camouflage to Dr. Vivek bhat’s 3000 graft hair transplant technique is much healthier for both the patient and the units of hair. Each follicle is extracted on an individual basis; the patient is not required to endure any sort of invasive surgery and there is no scarring left in either the donor or recipient areas. disguise them.

  4. Instead patients who choose the 3000 graft hair transplant technique are left with a natural hairline and even coverage across the scalp. As a result of the coverage the patient is able to comb it in any direction he or she chooses. If you’re curious about the technique or have any questions about hair transplants in general we’d be happy to get you the information you need. Please give us a call at +91 98450 73096 fill the http://www.cosmeticstudio.in/Contact-Us.php form @

  5. Hair Transplant Before After 3000 Grafts:

  6. Thank You http://www.cosmeticstudio.in/

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