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Advantage of fue hair transplant in delhi india

Follicular Unit Extraction (FUE) Hair Transplant is the most sought hair transplant techniques. <br><br>It involves removal of the healthy hair follicles and implanting that into bald areas of the <br><br>head. Different from the strip transplants, in this procedureindividual hair picked from the <br><br>back the head and transplanted those grafts individually. <br><br>Read More:https://bit.ly/2GPIH2T <br>call us on:8527844462

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Advantage of fue hair transplant in delhi india

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  1. Advantage of FUE Hair Transplant www.radiancehairtransplant.in

  2. FUE Hair Transplant

  3. 01 Advantage of FUE Hair Transplant Absence of a linear scar This is one of the main reasons why people choose FUE over strip harvesting, as the latter leaves a visible linear scar. FUE is a treatment of choice for people that prefer to wear their hair very short at the back, because the donor area looks unaffected and unaltered.

  4. 02 Fast healing FUE requires a shorter healing time than some other methods. With FUE, patients recover in a matter of days since the method doesn’t require use of scalpel or sutures. As a result of this, there are minimal restrictions on strenuous physical activities after the first few days. Full recovery takes an average of 7-10 days.

  5. 03 Minimal postoperative discomfort To ensure patient comfort, hair transplant surgeons use simple local anesthesia similar to the one used in dental practices. Patients can drive home immediately after the treatment. If some discomfort occurs, it can be managed by mild analgesics. Moreover, due to the non-invasive nature of the procedure, the possibility of postoperative infections is extremely low.

  6. 04 Natural look The advanced FUE method yields perfectly natural results and the hair transplants can hardly be distinguished from native hair. In FUE, hair grafts are transplanted at a direction and angle that mimics the growth of the surrounding strands. As a result, transplanted hairs merge and blend in with the surrounding hair in the most natural way. In addition, FUE can be used to conceal scars left behind by previous strip harvests.

  7. 05 Large harvesting area FUE offers possibilities for expansion of donor hair reserves, especially for patients with low donor hair supply and high recipient demand. It is generally believed that it is still possible to harvest some additional grafts on a patient who has depleted their donor using the FUT method. In certain situations, donor hair reserves can sometimes be expanded include the donor’s chest, abdomen, and beard.


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