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Vocational Rehabilitation

Vocational Rehabilitation. Orientation. Kenny Gibbs Chief of Employment Services and Program Dev. NC Div. of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (919) 855-3553. Before Application.

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Vocational Rehabilitation

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  1. Vocational Rehabilitation Orientation Kenny Gibbs Chief of Employment Services and Program Dev. NC Div. of Vocational Rehabilitation Services (919) 855-3553

  2. Before Application In order to become an applicant for services with the VR, you must be available to participate in assessments for purposes of determining your eligibility, rehabilitation needs and services. Individuals with the following circumstances may not be considered available for participation in services: • Have outstanding warrants for arrest and/or pending charges (other than minor offenses) • Cannot or are unwilling to attend appointments and evaluations • Are unwilling to participate in essential disability related treatment that will enable an individual to benefit from VR services in terms of an employment outcome. As a division of NC State government, VR is required to comply with any orders on file with NC Dept. of Criminal Justice for reporting individuals having outstanding warrants to the appropriate authorities. A criminal check is doneon all referrals before a person comes to the VR office for an appointment.


  4. REQUIRED DIAGNOSTIC INFORMATION • Applicants must have a documented diagnosis of a disability by a medical doctor, licensed psychologist, or an area Mental Health Center. • Applicants will be asked to sign a release to get diagnostic information. This information is required to appropriately document your disabling condition and determine eligibility for services. • The agency may sponsor diagnostic procedures or pay for medical records as needed to determine eligibility.

  5. What is Vocational Rehabilitation? • VR is a non-profit state agency, a division of the NC Dept. of Health & Human Services • VR helps people with mental, developmental, emotional, learning or physical disabilities find jobs • VR may provide guidance and counseling, training, education, medical, transportation and other support services to eligible consumers in order to help them become job-ready

  6. Vocational Rehabilitation Role To Assist Individuals with Disabilities To Gain and or Maintain Employment

  7. What We ARE… • We ARE an employment program. We help people with disabilities gain or maintain employment. We follow them for a minimum of 90 days after they begin work to insure a satisfactory adjustment. • We ARE sponsors of a broad array of services, which are provided to get an individual ready for work. • We ARE a source for referrals to and from other agencies that provide employment and training services. • We ARE a pathway for work activities and/or economic independence for persons with disabilities. • We ARE an agency that involves individuals as active participants in the planning for services and employment as well as financial participation by the client for some services where appropriate.

  8. Program Limitations • We are not able to meet all the needs an individual may have and often rely on other service providers to meet basic needs of consumers • We are not a program designed to pay for medical services only for persons who do not have medical insurance or as a co-insurance. • Our Services can only be provided when there is an expectation of an employment outcome. • We are not an agency with any kind of enforcement authority for ADA or civil rights.

  9. Who May Be Eligible for VR Services? • You are eligible for VR services if you have a physical, mental, emotional, or learning impairment that is a substantial barrier to employment and you require a program of VR services to get ready for, find, or keep a job. • If you receive SSI or SSDI, you are presumed eligible for VR services. • Must be willing and able to work.

  10. What is the VR process? • After an applicant attends Orientation, they are given an application packet to take home and complete as much as possible • They can schedule a future intake appointment after the completion of orientation or they can call the VR office within two weeks after their orientation to set up an intake appointment. • The Counselor has up to 60 days to determine eligibility for VR services. If the information obtained is not sufficient to determine eligibility w/in 60 days, the counselor must request a time extension from the applicant to establish eligibility.

  11. Jobs Held By VR Consumers • Bookkeepers • Computer Operators • Customer Service Reps • Electricians & Helpers • Medical Office Admins • Painters • Sales & Marketing Reps • Security Guards • Carpenters & Helpers • Machine Operators • Hospitality Positions • Receptionist/Clerical

  12. VR Employment Services • Various employment related services may be provided to assist to determine eligibility, develop a plan of services or help eligible individuals in getting and keeping a job. For eligibility, services must be deemed likely to result in employment. • To establish eligibility and plan appropriate services, the rehabilitation process begins with an assessment of the strengths and limitations of the individual. An individualized plan of employment (IPE) is jointly developed by consumer and counselor. The program is then carefully monitored and adjustments made if necessary.  Services can include:

  13. Evaluation, counseling and testing Diagnostic services Rehabilitation engineering Job placement Supported employment On-the-job training Job coaching internships Transportation Maintenance ( treatment related programs only) Vehicle, home, job, worksite modifications Physical and mental restoration College and vocational education Assistive technology VR Employment Services Cont. Non Income based: Income Based:

  14. Job Choice Employers Transferrable Skills & Training Employment & Training Clarification

  15. Requested Documents • Photo ID (valid NC driver’s license, NC ID card) • Green Card (if applicable) • Social Security Card or Number* (if you don’t have the actual card, you should apply for a replacement) • List of medications • Guardian paperwork* (if applicable) • Names, addresses & phone numbers of physicians* • Physician(s) treating your primary disability • Business cards from your physician’s office are helpful • Ticket To Work paperwork (if applicable) • Work history information*Info is required to complete application

  16. Applicants Responsibilities • Keep all appointments and be on time (if you have to cancel, please try to call a day ahead) • Follow the advice of your health provider and/or Counselor • Look for jobs on a regular basis, don’t depend on VR for all your job leads • Stay in contact with your Counselor or other assigned staff - we need updates! • Call us immediately if your information changes (address, phone number, etc.) or your situation changes (hospitalized, family crisis, or if you get a job!)

  17. Social Security Contact • For Social Security information related to work, contact LaShona Johnson (Community Work Incentives Coordinator) at 919-855-3588. • You may also ask your counselor to place you on the office schedule for an appointment with the Community Work Incentives Coordinator.

  18. Questions & Resources Now is the time to ask any questions you might have about the program or the services we offer. The Agency web address is http://dvr.dhhs.state.nc.us/

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