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Internet Quarters Management Information System (iQMIS) Training

Internet Quarters Management Information System (iQMIS) Training. U.S. Department of the Interior Doug Pokorney, Quarters Program Manager Laura Walters, Quarters Program Specialist Denver, Colorado. Regulations and Program Management. Federal Housing Participants.

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Internet Quarters Management Information System (iQMIS) Training

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  1. Internet Quarters Management Information System (iQMIS)Training U.S. Department of the Interior Doug Pokorney, Quarters Program Manager Laura Walters, Quarters Program Specialist Denver, Colorado

  2. Regulations and Program Management

  3. Federal Housing Participants • Congress & The President – 5 USC 5911 (Law) • Office of Management & Budget (OMB) – Circular A-45 (Regulation) • Department of the Interior • Housing Policy Office – DM 400 3 (Policy) • Housing Operations Office • Federal Agencies – (Policies & Procedures) • National Housing Council – (Cross-Agency and iQMIS Issues)

  4. 5 USC 5911 http://www.gpoaccess.gov/uscode/index.html • Authority for government to provide housing • “reasonable value” • Deposits in a special fund* * Department of the Interior, U.S. Forest Service, and Indian Health Service

  5. OMB Circular A-45 http://www.whitehouse.gov/omb/circulars • Purpose: “This circular sets forth policies and administrative guidance…in establishing…rental rates and other charges for government-furnished or leased quarters...according to 5 USC 5911.” [A-45, 1.] • Coverage: all 50 states, Washington D.C. and the U.S. territories. [A-45, 1.]

  6. OMB Circular A-45 • Reliance on Private Housing Market: “It is the Policy of the federal government to rely on the private housing market to provide housing for its civilian employees.” [A-45, 5. a.] If there is … • a requirement of service, • a requirement of protection, or • a lack of available housing … then federal housing is permitted

  7. OMB Circular A-45 • Reasonable Value: “Reasonable value is … what an employee would pay for comparable housing in the open market.” [A-45, 6. h)] • Comparable housing: “…housing in the private sector that is generally equivalent in size…with the same number of bedrooms, and with generally equivalent amenities and related facilities.” [A-45, 6. d)]

  8. OMB Circular A-45 Nearest Established Community (NEC): • Closest community • Population of 1,500 (5,000 in Alaska) as of last U.S. Census (2010), and • A doctor and dentist, and • A private rental market available to the general public [A-45, 6. f.]

  9. OMB Circular A-45 • Subsidies, Inducements Prohibited: “Rents and other charges may not be set so as to provide a housing subsidy, serve as an inducement in the recruitment or retention of employees, or encourage occupancy of existing government housing.” [A-45, 5. b) 2.] • Annual Adjustments: “…new rates shall be effective… the first pay period that starts on or after March 1…” [A-45, 7. d) 2.]

  10. DOI Quarters Program • Developed early 1980s • Comply with A-45 • Required DOI Bureaus to Utilize • Offered to other Agencies • Economies of Scale • Uniform rates across Agencies

  11. DOI Housing Policy Office • Michael Wright Phone: 202-254-5522 E-mail: Michael_C_Wright@ios.doi.gov • DOI Housing Management Policy, 400 DM 3 http://www.doi.gov/pam/property.html • Decisions on DOI Housing Policy issues • Central point of contact with OMB • Clearinghouse for iQMIS rent appeals within DOI

  12. DOI Housing Operations Office • Doug Pokorney, Quarters Rental Program Manager Phone: 303-969-5050 E-mail: dpokorney@nbc.gov • Laura Walters, Quarters Program Specialist Phone: 303-969-5696 (iQMIS Help Desk) Fax: 303-969-6634 E-mail: lwalters@nbc.gov Or E-mail: nbc_iqmis_sys_mgr@nbc.gov Web: http://www.doi.gov/nbc/finance/quarter.cfm

  13. DOI Housing Operations Office NBC’s Responsibilities • Establish rental rates that comply with A-45 • Survey/analyze private rental markets (3 or 4 regions annually, out of 15 total regions) • Compute CPI adjustments annually • Provide rent-setting software (iQMIS) • Provide Help Desk support • Conduct training • Defend rental rates

  14. Federal Agencies Using iQMIS

  15. Federal Agencies Responsibilities • Appoint National Housing Officer • Devise policy/procedures to implement A-45 • Supervise/monitor A-45 is being met • Provide process for rent appeals • Ensure tenants do not set rental rates [A-45, 9.]

  16. National Housing Council Responsibilities • Reviews Survey schedule • Approves iQMIS change requests • Reviews/approves program changes • Clearinghouse for common housing issues

  17. Regional Private Rental Market Surveys

  18. iQMIS Survey Regions See “Housing Inventory Instructions” for detailed maps

  19. Regional Survey Schedule

  20. Survey Data Analysis • Collect private rental data • Review market data; cull outliers • Run statistical regression • Produce new rent formulas • Test rent formulas against comps • Ensure rents meet “reasonable value” test • Publish results in Regional Survey Report • Code new rent formulas into iQMIS

  21. Rent Charts • Formulas published as “Rent Charts” in Survey Report • Charts depict Base Rent • Base Rent includes bathroom, refrigerator and range, in good condition • Base Rent is NOT Net Rent • Base Rent excludes appliances, services, utilities • Charts published for: • Houses (4 bedroom, 3 bdrm, 2 bdrm, 1 bdrm) • Apartments (3 bdrm, 2 bdrm, 1 bdrm, 0 bdrm) • Mobile Homes (3 bdrm, 2 bdrm, 1 bdrm)

  22. Sample Rent Chart

  23. Market Rents vs. iQMIS Rents

  24. Market Rents vs. iQMIS Rents

  25. Annual Rent Changes 2002: $500 - New Survey 2003: $519 - CPI (Inflation) +$19 per month 2004: $543 - CPI +$24 2005: $562 - CPI +$19 2006: $700 - New Survey +$138 2007: $720 - CPI +$20 2008: $743 - CPI +$23 2009: $772 - CPI +$29 2010: $900 - New Survey +$128 2011: $910 - CPI +$10 2012: $920 - CPI +$10

  26. Net Rent Formula Chart Rent (Monthly Base Rent) +/ – Consumer Price Index (CPI) Monthly CPI-Adjusted Base Rent – Administrative Adjustments + Utilities Appliances/Services/Furnishings Monthly Net Rent

  27. More Training • iQMIS training modules • For Managers • For Tenants

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