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PeopleSoft Financials

PeopleSoft Financials

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PeopleSoft Financials

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  1. PeopleSoft Financials Budgeting and nVision Reporting for Department Users

  2. Presenter Donna Amoriello, PS Financials Team • X-5562 •

  3. PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts Chartfield String Fund 1000 Department 18930 Account 609003 Initiative 00001 (optional) To search for a Department ID (Speedtype) go to website:

  4. PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts • Fund • 4 digit code used to track cumulative cash/fund balance • Dept ID activities roll-up to a Fund • Used by Self-support areas to track their programs cumulative fund balance from inception of program • Balance sheet

  5. PeopleSoft Chart of Accounts • Department • 5 digit code used to represent departments and programs • Tracks budget, expense, revenue, and encumbrances(PO’s or Requisitions) • 5 types of Departments • State funded Starts with 1 or 2 • Self Support Starts with 3 • Auxiliary Support Starts with 4 • Grant Funded  Starts with 5 or 6 • Agency Funded Starts with 9

  6. Initiatives Further identify activities/mini projects within a department by adding 5-digit Initiative number on transactions. Shadow system in PS to track expenses only Cannot be used with Revenues or Grants Examples: track costs associated with producing and mailing communications. User Maintained Setup/Enter initiative budgets Budget checking is not done on the initiative; the budget checking is done at departmental parent level Categorize own expenses May require reclassify journal entries NOTE:The initiative value must be on each transaction in order to track – may require journal entry to identify • Link to more information •

  7. PS ACCOUNTS (6 digits) • PARENT ACCOUNTS Pool/Summary • Roll-up level/summary for a particular category of expenses or revenues • Calculated field - Budgets or Actual expenses or revenues should never be posted directly to it • Example: 603000-Obj 03 Communications • BUDGET CHECKING is done at this level • CHILD ACCOUNTS Details • Each parent has a list of child accounts which are used to post the budgets and expenses/Revenues • Example 603003-Postage Regular Bulk • BUDGET ENTRY and Expense/Revenue entry is done at this level. • Each entry is rolled-up to a parent account

  8. PS ACCOUNTS (6 digits) Go to Financial Services website for PS account list by object Go to Financial Services website to search for PS account • Categories of Expenses and Revenues • Revenue accounts Start with 4 • Payroll Expense accounts  Start with 5 and include a state object • 501XXX – Regular payroll • 502XXX – Contractual/contingent payroll • Non- Payroll Expense Accounts  Start with 6 and include a state object • 603XXX – Communications • 604XXX – Travel • 606XXX – Fuel/Utilities • 607XXX – Motor Vehicles/Maintenance • 608XXX – Contractual Services • 609XXX – Supplies and Materials • 610XXX – Equipment Replacement • 611XXX – New Equipment • 612XXX – Grants, Subsidies and Contributions • 613XXX – Fixed Charges • 614XXX – Land and Structures

  9. PS Accounts-Parent Budget Checking Object 1 Salaries and Wages (501xxx) Regular Salary (P) Regular Fringe Benefit (P) Overtime (P) Differential Pay (P) Tuition Waivers Regular (P) Object 2 Contractual Employees (502xxx) Contractual Payment (P) Contractual Fringe (P) Tuition Waivers Contractual (P) PT Faculty and Lecturers (P) Research Grant Stipends (P) Regular Student Help (P) Graduate Assistants (P) Object 3 Communications (603xxx) Communications (P) Objects 4 14 =Travel, Services, Supplies, Equip etc (604xxx and higher). OPERTN (P)

  10. Parent/Child Budgeting Where do I budget? Child Level Where does Budget Checking occur? Parent Level • OBJ 03 COMMUNICATIONSBudgetExpenses • 603003 Postage Regular Bulk $15,000.00 ($17,336.00) • 603009 Express Mail UPS $1,000.00 $500.00 • 603103 Line Charges $9,000.00 $5,224.00 Child/ Account Detail $25,000.00 $23,060.00 $1,940.00 • NOTE: All transactions will be budget checked!!

  11. What types of transactions could hit my budget • Journal Sources (commonly used) • ZAP Accounts Payable (invoices/travel) • PCD Procurement Card purchases • ZPA Payroll (Regular and Contingent) • ALO Grant Indirect Cost allocations/Self support allocations • PCT TU Printing Center jobs • CPP TU Copies Plus printing jobs • CPY TU monthly copier charges • GSR College of Graduate Studies and Research (CGSR) • ECJ  ECS facility rentals etc • AXB Auxiliary Services Billing (Parking, Events) • FMT TU Motor Pool/Transportation billing • FMB Building Trades/Facilities work-order billing • POJ Postage Monthly billing, Bulk Mailing, Fed-Ex • YCD Bursar’s Office Deposits • TEL Phone Service billing (lines, usage, cell, service) • USC University Store purchases billing • OTS Office of Technology Services billing • POL Fingerprinting/background checks • ZCT Wires/ACH deposits • ONL Financial Services misc adjustments and corrections

  12. Budget Transfers (Spending Authority) Departments Enter Budget Transfers On Line! Can enter multiple transfers in one journal Can Post ONLY within Objects 4-14 within 1 department Must Notify Budget Office to post other journals Must be submitted by Dept giving budget See handout for step-by-step instructions.

  13. What is Budgets Overview • Provides quick budget summary for a department • Up to the minute balances • View Expense and Revenues budgets: • Separately (state funded)Ledger group/set = LEDGER GROUP • Combined (self-support)Ledger group/set = LEDGER INQUIRY SET • View budget at parent or child level • Can download results to Excel

  14. Ledger Groups Allows reporting on the various types of budgets • DPT_BUD_CH DEPARTMENT Child Expense Budget • DPT_BUD_PA DEPARTMENT Parent Expense Budget • DPT_REV DEPARTMENT Revenue Budget • GRT_BUD_CH  GRANT Child Expense Budget • GRT_BUD_PA GRANT Parent Expense Budget • GRT_REV GRANT Revenue • INITIATIVE  INITIATIVE Expense Budget • Budgets Overview is the only place you will see initiatives!

  15. Budget Overview-Dept Child Budget View-CRITERIA • Ledger group/Set and Ledger group work hand in hand. • Using Group you then select either Revenues or Expenses at either the parent or child level. • Using SET will show BOTH Rev & Expense. Enter Dept ID Lastly-Click Search to query data

  16. Budget Overview- Dept Child Budget View-RESULTS Overall Balance Child level account breakdown Click to download grid to Excel


  18. PeopleSoft nVision Departmental Reporting Tool

  19. nVision Features • Report books in PS used to run your own reports • Report Names: • Department All Transaction Report—DAT • Department Payroll Report—DPR • Department Encumbrance Report—DEN • Department Profit and Loss (Budget Balance Report)—DPL • Fund report -F • Output options: • WEB Report saved in Report Manager page. Click to open. • Email Report is immediately sent in email to individuals specified. Should specify yourself as well otherwise or you will not get a copy. Note: Report is NOT saved to Report Manager.

  20. nVISION Reports Available Report formats: EXCEL DAT/NAT, DEN/NEN, DPR/NPR reportsMUST be run as Excel or reports won’t open! DATxxxxx Budget Balance and 5 transaction reports in 1 Budget Balance (DPL) Rev & Exp transaction list Budget/spending authority transaction list Student Financial transaction details Purchase Order Balance Summary Requisition Balance Summary

  21. DAT REPORT EXAMPLE Filter Feature-click drop down arrow to select/filter Notice multiple tabs/worksheets

  22. nVISION Reports Available Report Formats Continued DPRxxxxx 4 Payroll transaction Reports in 1 Payroll Trans Lists payroll transactions by Account, Pay Period End‐Date and Employee ID/Name. Payroll Account Empl Subtotals payroll transactions by Account then Empl ID. Payroll Employee-Date Subtotals all salary and fringe payroll transactions by Employee Name and Pay Period End‐Date Payroll Employee-Month  Subtotals all salary and fringe payroll transactions by Employee Name and Month

  23. DPR report example Notice multiple tabs/worksheets

  24. nVISION Reports Available Department Reports (Cont’d) DENxxxxx PO/Req Encumbrance Reports Purchase Order Encumbrance Balances Purchase Order Line Encumbrance Balances Encumbrance Transactions Requisition Pre-Encumbrance Balances Pre-Encumbrance Transactions

  25. DEN REPORT EXAMPLE Multiple spreadsheets in 1 report.

  26. nVision reporting • See step by step instructions in the PeopleSoft Guide to Budgeting and the Chart of Accounts: • Working with Excel reports • Excel filter feature allows you to limit the list of data displayed by selecting just a particular value(s) in a column(s). • Excel subtotal feature allows you to subtotal the list of transactions by any column you chose (i.e. Account) by a couple clicks of the mouse.

  27. nVision Features • Report formats: HTML • Drill down capability • DPL/NPL • DPLxxxxx Budget Balance Report • Opportunity to “drill-down” on individual accounts • F reports • Fxxxx Fund Balance report for Self-support Funds *If you need information from a previous fiscal year, you must use the DPL report. The “As of Date” will only apply to these reports.

  28. DPL report example = Drill down to transactions by clicking on blue hyperlinks

  29. Example F Report Drill down to transactions by clicking on blue hyperlinks

  30. If you selected an account that begins with a 6xxxxx, you will choose the “DEPT-Revenue & Expense Trans” Run Drilldown Button. If you selected an account that begins with a 5xxxxx, you will choose the “DEPT-HR/Payroll Transactions” Run Drilldown Button.

  31. nVision output options/format If chose TYPE=EMAIL must Click on Distribution to enter email info

  32. Email Distribution link info The User ID listed in Distribute to will automatically get an email. Use + or – to add or delete users. Can also add others via typing email address under emailaddress list. You would need to use this if user does not have access to PS Financials.

  33. Report Manager Click on Description to open Report. NOTE: If pop-up Blocker is on, then hold the CTRL key down at the same time you click on description.

  34. nVision reporting ANY QUESTIONS? Let’s try running some reports!

  35. PeopleSoft Security Form • Fill out form • Obtain Supervisor Approval • Return to ELLA WATTS, Financial Services Will be notified when security is set up.


  37. PS Financials Support • Budget Transfers/Balance Questions • • PS Financials transactions/nVision • • Financial Services Help-line • Still the same X45599 • Call with AP, WF, Payroll, PS Financial journal entry, Online Requisition related questions

  38. Financial Services Website • Links to all of our services • Accounts Payable • Payroll • Business Travel/Working Fund • Chart of Account info • List of PS Accounts • Search/List Dept/Grant ID’s by number or division • PeopleSoft Financials System info • Resource documents • Latest email update news • Email:

  39. PeopleSoft Financials Printable training materials and reference guides Latest email update news In process of redesign. Training Workshops •

  40. Budget Office Website • Links to PeopleSoft • Financials website • Budget Transfer Information • Parent/ Child Budgeting • Information

  41. PeopleSoft Chartfields -resources • Will be able to search for the various chartfields in PS: • Department ID’s • PS Accounts • Link to the how to look up these fields in PS is below:

  42. Department ID Search SetID must be SHARE

  43. Department Page Click on Attribute link To find out budget contact Divisional info, program/fund.

  44. PS ACCOUNT list