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…kind of

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  1. …kind of


  3. What Would Freud Say?: $200 The Id, Ego & Superego Answer What are Freud’s 3 Systems of Personality? Back

  4. What Would Freud Say?: $400 The part of the mind that Freud would use Hypnosis, Free Association & Dreamsto access Answer What is The Unconscious? Back

  5. What Would Freud Say?: $600 Carl Jung’s Four Functions of the Mind Answer What are Sensing, Thinking, Feeling & Intuiting all a part of? Back

  6. What Would Freud Say?: $800 When someone becomes vain, narcissistic and has an inability to love. Answer What is a Symptom of Fixation of the Phallic Stage? Back

  7. What Would Freud Say?: $1000 When someone pushes away threatening impulses by overemphasizing the opposite in their thoughts & actions. Answer What is Reaction Formation? Back

  8. Who Am I, Really?: $200 The 3 parts of the mind according to Carl Jung. Answer What is the Ego, the Personal Unconscious & the Collective Unconscious? Back

  9. Who Am I, Really?: $400 The 3 modes of adapting to the world, according to Karen Horney Answer What is Passive Style, Aggressive Style, & Withdrawn Style? Back

  10. Who Am I, Really?: $600 The four components of Adler’s typology Answer What are Ruling-Dominant, Getting Leaning, Avoiding & Socially Useful? Back

  11. Who Am I, Really?: $800 The father of ‘complexes’ & the person who stressed the importance of each person’s role in society. Answer Who is Alfred Adler? Back

  12. Who Am I, Really?: $1000 Erik Erikson’s ego crises Answer What are Trust vs. Mistrust, Autonomy vs. Shame & Doubt, Initiative vs. Guilt, Industry vs. Inferiority, Identity vs. Role Confusion, Intimacy vs. Isolation, Generativity vs. Stagnation, Ego Integrity vs. Despair? Back

  13. Lookin’ Good In Those Genes: $200 The belief that a person’s personality is totally determined by biological & genetic factors Answer What is Biological Determinism? Back

  14. Lookin’ Good In Those Genes: $400 Schizophrenia, Bipolar Disorder, Angelman Syndrome, Williams Syndrome & Alzheimer’s Disease Answer What are some genetic disorders and diseases that effect personality? Back

  15. Lookin’ Good In Those Genes: $600 The tendency to seek out specific types of environments- may explain why some people grow towards more fulfilling spaces while others grow towards health-threatening environments Answer What are tropisms? Back

  16. Lookin’ Good In Those Genes: $800 According to Eysenck, one has a lower level of brain arousal so they seek out external stimulation & the other has a higher level of brain arousal so theyshy away from external stimulation. Answer Who are Extroverts & Introverts? Back

  17. Lookin’ Good In Those Genes: $1000 Symptoms of a sensitive Behavioral Inhibition System (BIS) and symptoms of a active Behavioral Activation System (BAS) Answer What is when someone is prone to anxiety, alertness & worrying (BIS) or when someone is impulsive & constantly seeking rewards (BAS)? Back

  18. Pavlov Made Me Do It!: $200 After a repeated pairing of an unconditioned stimulus that gets an unconditioned response AND a neutral stimulus, the neutral stimulus will get the same response as the unconditioned stimulus (e.g. Pavlov’s Dog) Answer What is Classical Conditioning? Back

  19. Pavlov Made Me Do It!: $400 This psychologist believed that personality is the group of commonly performed responses that a person has learned & that thoughts & emotions do not cause behavior. Answer Who is B.F. Skinner? Back

  20. Pavlov Made Me Do It!: $600 The concept that the consequence of a behavior (good or bad reinforcement) will either strengthen or weaken behavior Answer What is Thorndike’s Law of Effect? Back

  21. Pavlov Made Me Do It!: $800 Examples of Drive Conflicts Answer What are Approach-Avoidance, Approach-Approach& Avoidance-Avoidance? Back

  22. Pavlov Made Me Do It!: $1000 This psychologist proposed this: that motivators of behavior are hunger, thirst, sex or pain. Answer What Clark Hull said were Primary Drives Back

  23. Gettin’ My Learnin On: $200 They organize knowledge and expectations about one’s environment & determine how we think & act Answer What are Schemas? Back

  24. Gettin’ My Learnin On: $400 The psychologist who studied how people learn and who is associated with Observational Learning, Vicarious Learning & the Self-System. Answer Who is Albert Bandura? Back

  25. Gettin’ My Learnin On: $600 The psychologist associated with Behavior Potential, Specific Expectancy, Generalized Expectancy & Locus of Control Answer Who is Julian Rotter? Back

  26. Gettin’ My Learnin On: $800 This psychologist proposed the theory that emphasizes the idea that people actively endeavor to understand the world & construct their own theories about human behavior Answer Who is George Kelly & the Personal Construct Theory? Back

  27. Gettin’ My Learnin On: $1000 The cognitive style variables of when a person’s problem solving IS or IS NOT influenced by noticeable but irrelevant aspects of the situation that the problem occurs in Answer What is Field Dependence or Field Independence? Back

  28. Bonus Question: $5000 What did Professor Dooley bring to drink on the FIRST day of class? Answer It doesn’t matter! Back to Psychology! Back

  29. Daily Double For the winner of the last round: How much money are you willing to risk confident are you that you won’t get it wrong? If you get the question right, you win that moneypride in yourself If you get it wrong you lose the money have to run 5 laps around the building