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RMDCN Contract & Accession Agreements PowerPoint Presentation
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RMDCN Contract & Accession Agreements

RMDCN Contract & Accession Agreements

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RMDCN Contract & Accession Agreements

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  1. RMDCN Contract& Accession Agreements Walter Zwieflhofer Head of Computer Division ECMWF RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  2. Background to the Contract • Proposal to establish a Joint Network • GTS traffic for WMO RA VI • Traffic between ECWMF and the ECWMF Member States • Based on the service supplied by a managed network supplier • Agreement between WMO and ECMWF • Governs the responsibilities within the RMDCN project • Content was adopted by RA VI at its XII session in Tel Aviv (May 98, Resolution 4) • Subsequently, the Agreement was signed in June 98 RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  3. WMO/ECMWF Agreement (1) • Selection of the Service Provider • Selection was to be performed by ECMWF • ITT was issued • EQUANT has been selected • RMDCN master agreement • To be concluded by ECMWF • RMDCN Contract was signed on 4 December 98 • Service Provider must be committed to extend the service to all RA VI members requesting to join the RMDCN RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  4. WMO/ECMWF Agreement (2) • Formal status of RMDCN • will be part of the GTS as regards to RA VI telecommunication requirements • recognised by ECMWF • WMO Contract Advisory Committee (CAC) • RMDCN Operations Committee • Underlying Transport Layer • ECMWF will not change it for at least 5 years • Duration of the Contract with EQUANT is for at least 5 years RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  5. WMO/ECMWF Agreement (3) • Monitoring • ECMWF will monitor RMDCN on behalf of all participating RA VI members (in particular, the Service Level Agreement) • RA VI Members (other than ECMWF Members) • To participate, they must enter into a contract with the selected supplier (the Accession Agreement) • General terms shall be governed by the master agreement • Use by participating Members • Members agree to use RMDCN only for GTS related traffic • Members agree to comply with the security measures stipulated RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  6. Contract Framework • RMDCN Contract • ECMWF • All ECMWF Member States • Co-operating States of ECMWF at their own option • Ceiling prices for the entire WMO Region VI • Signed by EQUANT and ECMWF • Accession Agreements • For all other WMO RA VI member joining the RMDCN • Each state requires its own Accession Agreement • Signed by EQUANT and the Acceding State RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  7. Structure of the Contract Document • Body of the Contract has 29 Clauses • warranties by EQUANT, ECMWF and Acceding Parties • liabilities of EQUANY, ECMWF and Acceding Parties • how to proceed in the event of disputes • 14 Schedules • Schedule A contains Definitions used throughout the Contract • Annex A • Proforma Accession Agreement RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  8. Selected Clauses/Definitions (1) • Initial Deployment • All ECMWF Member States • Plus all Non-ECMWF members which have signed an Accession Agreement by 31 March 1999 • Reliability Test of the Initial Deployment is scheduled for July 1999 • Term of the Service • 8 years starting on the Service Commencement Date • Service commences when the Initial Deployment is accepted • Break point after 5 years • Accession Agreements • Can be concluded throughout the term of the contract RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  9. Selected Clauses/Definitions (2) • The Service • EQUANT must supply the service in accordance with the • Service Description (Schedule B) • Service Level Agreement (Schedule C) • Service Particulars in Schedule D • Service Particulars in the Accession Agreements • Extending the Service • At the request of a Non-ECMWF RA VI country, EQUANT must extend the Service to include that country on the terms and within the ceiling prices contained in the Contract RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  10. Service Level Agreement (1) • Scheduled Maintenance • No single outage must exceed 60 minutes • In practice, only 15 minute slots are envisaged by EQUANT • Guaranteed Repair Time • Baseline is a 4-hour restore time for any Severity 1 fault (Severity 1 implies that the service is unavailable) • Four-hour restore time was a requirement in the ITT • Difference between restoring the Service and fixing the fault • EQUANT agreed to guarantee a 4-hour restore time subject to the availability of a cold standby router at the customer site RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  11. Quality of Service Indicators RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  12. Service Level Agreement (2) • Service Availability • Baseline figure is 99.5% (with some exceptions) • Measured for each individual Virtual Circuit • TNPA for Virtual Circuits with diverse backup of the Access Lines • NPA for other Virtual Circuits • Network Response Time (NRT) • Round-tip time of a 128 byte packet (between PoPs) • Baseline is a NRT of less than 300 ms (with some exceptions) RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  13. Service Level Agreement (3) • Service Reliability Metric • Number of service interruptions per month per Virtual Circuit • Service Degradation • Measured throughput of a Virtual Circuit must not fall below 80% of the CIR associated with that circuit • Measured throughput does not apply to Virtual Circuits via X.25 Access lines • Backup service must be available for at least 90% of the time • Global Service Degradation • When 30% or more of all Virtual Circuits fail to meet the SLA RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  14. Service Rebates • Service Rebates are due when • TNPA/NPA service levels are not met (e.g. 99.5 %) • NRT exceeds 110% of the agreed level (e.g. 330 ms) • Service Reliability Metric exceeds the agreed level (e.g. 6) • Service Degradation has been demonstrated • Calculation of Service Rebates • Calculated for every individual Virtual Circuit • Percentage of the Relevant Monthly Charge • Total costs per site divided by the number of Virtual Circuits • Cumulative but cannot exceed 100% of the monthly charge RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  15. Acceptance (Schedule F) • Acceptance of the Pilot Deployment • ECMWF plus two sites • Site Acceptance for the Initial Deployment • Demonstrate functionality/installation at every site • Verify the general workmanship, access to help desk, etc. • Test X.25 and TCP/IP protocols plus throughput measurements • Reliability Acceptance for the Initial Deployment • 30 day availability test over all Virtual Circuits • 90% of the Virtual Circuits have to meet the SLA • The rest has to be within a 30% rebate level RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  16. Contract Monitoring • Various regular meetings and reviews • Between ECMWF and EQUANT • ECMWF and the RMDCN Operations Committee • Price review • First review will be two years after contract signature, thereafter annual reviews will be held • Price reviews will be done on an element by element basis using the then current Price Book of EQUANT with the level of discount offered during the ITT applied • Changes are only effective if the difference is more than 3% • Only reductions are acceptable RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  17. Proforma Accession Agreement • General • Annex A of the RMDCN Contract • “Acceding Party” refers to a RA VI member wishing to join • Needs to be signed by EQUANT and the Acceding Party • Review by ECMWF • ECMWF will review proposed Accession Agreements for consistency with the RMDCN Contract and other Accession Agreements • Specifics of the Service • Will be detailed in the AP Service Particulars • AP Service Particulars will be part of each Accession Agreement RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  18. AP Service Particulars • Service Address • Nominated User Representative (for Change Requests) • Bandwidth and type of Access Line • Destination and CIR of Virtual Circuits (Frame Relay) • Service Level Parameters • Service Availability • Network Response Time • Help Desk • Contact details, languages supported, hours of operation • Service costs and billing details RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  19. Process for completing anAccession Agreement (1) 1. A Non-ECMWF RA VI member wishes to join the RMDCN 2. The RA VI member contacts the RMDCN Account Manager of EQUANT 3. Contact details of the RMDCN Account Manager of EQUANT are available either through the WMO Secretariat or ECMWF 4. The RMDCN Account Manager of EQUANT informs ECMWF of the RA VI member’s intention to join the RMDCN 5. The RA VI member and EQUANT agree the Service Particulars and conclude an Accession Agreement RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99

  20. Process for completing an Accession Agreement (2) 6. EQUANT forwards the Accession Agreement to ECMWF 7. ECMWF verifies it for consistency with the overall RMDCN service; for example, ECMWF will require corresponding Accession Agreements or Change Requests from other RA VI members 8. In the event of any problems, ECMWF will notify the RA VI member and EQUANT 9. ECMWF will forward a copy of all approved Accession Agreements to the WMO and to the Regional Telecommunications Co-ordinator of RA VI 10. The Service is installed and Acceptance Tests are performed RMDCN Workshop, 18-20 Jan 99