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N e w T e c h !

N e w T e c h !

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N e w T e c h !

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  1. NewTech! Opening:2010 Location: CGHS Grades:9-10 Students:200-240

  2. The Early College and New Tech “channels”

  3. New Tech Application

  4. So, what’s it all about? • Teaching that engages: PBL and other good teaching • Culture that empowers: “trust, respect, and responsibility” • Technology that enables: cutting-edge technology as a tool

  5. Student Quote “If someone asks, I tell them that my school makes sense. The projects relate to the real world, so I never have to ask ‘why am I learning this?’ It’s challenging but in a good way. The way we integrate technology and presentations gives us skills we will use forever. Our school really prepares us for what comes next.”

  6. Project Structure • you’ll be given an entry event (often a document) • provides a problem that an organization needs solved • explains the role you’ll play in helping the organization to solve the problem • groups are formed and you’ll write a contract • from the entry event,you’ll construct a Know/Need-to-Know list • your teachers will help you learn the information and skills needed for your group to successfully complete its project • projects end with presentations (for example, PPTs, videos, websites, performances, etc.)

  7. Student Quotes “At New Tech we learn to collaborate with people even if we don’t like them because in the real world we’re not going to like everyone we have to work with.” “I feel now I want to do my homework, not that I have to do my homework.” “I feel like there’s a reason we’re learning. We’re not just studying for a test.”

  8. 10th Grade Classes • English 10* • Science (course tba)* • Chemistry* • Algebra II (or passport out) • Computer Applications: Advanced integrated with Personal Finance • Current Problems, Issues, and Events or Health & Wellness [switch at semester] • Directed Study Hall or Elective (passport out) • Elective (passport out) *Can be taken for weighted grade/Honors designation note: New Tech students are still required to take P.E. II.

  9. “Non-traditional” Graduation Requirements • EpsilenePortfolio and ePortfolio presentation • Four College Courses (dual credit, ACP, AP) • Community Service Project • Internship

  10. How will New Tech be different? • a 21st century learning environment with more cutting-edge technology • more Problem and Project Based Learning (PBL) • focus on a professional culture of trust, respect, and responsibility • more vertical and horizontal course integrations • “non-traditional” graduation requirements

  11. Are you… • open-minded and ready for a challenge? • interested in a small community where everyone knows each other and people are valued for their contributions? • interested in the world around you and in the emerging global community? • willing to serve the local community? • prepared to use computers every day for communicating, doing research, completing assignments, and creating presentations?

  12. Are you… • ready to take responsibility for your own learning and the learning of others? • ready to learn by doing and interested in real-life learning experiences? • flexible and prepared to work with other students, teachers, community members, business leaders, colleges, universities, and the community? • prepared to be "under the microscope" with frequent visits by the many people interested in New Tech?

  13. FAQ’s • Will I ever see my other friends? • Can I still play sports or work on the Yearbook? • Can I earn an Indiana Academic Honors Diploma? • Will this make me ready for college? • What if I don’t like it?