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Tumble driers

Tumble driers

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Tumble driers

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  1. Tumble driers 25 June 2010 Consultation Forum

  2. Market evolution needs A+++ ranking. There are today on the market tumble driers labelled as 40% better than A class. The proposed labelling scheme would allow a good differentiation between good and better appliances. The top class would represent a challenge and would be very close to the technological limit. The proposed scheme is perfectly aligned with the proposals on fridges, washing machines and dishwashers.

  3. Efficiency rating is closer to consumer behaviour. Full load and half load cotton programs are used to assess tumble drier efficiency rating. Half load is of major influence with regard for the energy efficiency class: Without an excellent performance at half load, the tumble drier would lose one efficiency class. Energy consumption during Standby is included in the energy efficiency rating.

  4. The right data is displayed on the new label. Energy efficiency class for program mix full / half load and standby Average energy consumption per program Average drying Time Maximum load Type of tumble drier Noise Condensation efficiency

  5. Bigger is better, sometimes. • It is better to dry the same quantity of laundry in bigger machines, if all of them are labelled “B“ according to Commission proposal

  6. Standard Annual Energy consumption can be improved. • The label should be able to highlight the best tumble drier for a given load. • The Standard Annual Energy consumption proposed could point to sub-optimal choices, with a net increase in annual energy consumption. • CECED wishes to propose the following formula for SAEc, so to foster a fair comparison among product sizes:

  7. The proposed SAEc will balance the comparison It would be more difficult to get to the proposed “B“ class for bigger machines, but without unbalancing the market Old EfficiencyClasses B C D

  8. A fair comparison between Gas and Electric. • Measurement procedures are today different • Electrical operated and gas operated tumble driers are measured differently. Any direct comparison will be possible only when the measurement procedures will be harmonized. • Any conversion factor between electric energy and gas will have to evolve over time: • The conversion factor depends on the share of renewable energy in each country.  Gas operated appliances should be handled separately

  9. Tumble driers 25 June 2010 Consultation Forum