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Welcome to the… Golden Knights PowerPoint Presentation
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Welcome to the… Golden Knights

Welcome to the… Golden Knights

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Welcome to the… Golden Knights

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  1. Welcome to the… Golden Knights Julie Hollandsworth, ELA Abby Meskill, Science Ray Jones, Math Jim Knight, S/Studies 2014-2015 School Year

  2. Parent Communication • Main ways we will communicate with you. Best way Agenda Email Telephone Websites Conference

  3. Parent Communication Agenda • A great communication tool between parents and teachers! • Students are expected to write their homework in their agendas daily, even if it’s “none.” • Check your child’s agenda daily to see what they should be doing. • Monitor the agenda for long term projects, test, and quizzes. • Any write-ups will also be stapled in the agenda on the appropriate day’s page.

  4. Parent Communication Email • This is often the easiest and fastest way to reach us. If you are not already on our team email distribution list, please email or write a note to your child’s homebase teacher. Please be sure to write your child’s name in the subject line if sending the email. • Mrs. Julie Hollandsworth (ELA): • Mrs. Meskill (Science): • Mr. Jones (Math): • Mr. Knight (Social Studies):

  5. Parent Communication Websites • Individual teacher websites can be accessed through the school’s website.

  6. Parent Communication Telephone • This is perhaps the least effective way of communicating with you due to the seventh grade schedule this year. • (704) 782-2002

  7. Parent Communication Conference • We schedule conferences on Mondays. • Email the team and not the school secretary to make a conference. • We schedule conferences at team level.

  8. Absences Good attendance is crucial as we cover so much in just one day. • Students are responsible for obtaining, completing, and turning in make up work in all classes. Each teacher has a procedure in place for students to do this. Students have 3 days to complete make-up work (unless told otherwise). • Remember to complete the online absence form on the school’s website. • Leaving early or coming in late does not count as an absence. As such, the 3-day rule does not apply. Students should pick up their work sometimes during the day—before they leave or after the coming to school.

  9. Fieldtrip/Incentive Days • We have planned the following trip planned: • October 16, 2014, Renaissance Festival. • You should have received a permission form with the exact cost of $13.00.

  10. Homework • Students will, most likely, have more homework this year than in the past. • If your child comes home for days or weeks with no homework, be wary! • If your child says that he/she “completed it at school”, be very wary!! • He/she will have homework MOST nights. • The 7th grade does not accept late homework, unless there has been an absence or family emergency. In that case, the assignment must be accompanied with a note from home.

  11. General 7th Grade "Need-to-Know" • This is a transition year. You will probably see: • Need for independence. • Need for separation from parents. • Increased social interaction. • The is the year in which responsibility is stressed by teachers in preparation for 8th grade and high school. As such, students must: • Must become more mature. “Hand holding” stops. • Must develop good organizational skills. • Must take good notes in all classes. • Must complete homework, assignments, and projects on time. • Must study, study, study, study. • Must take the initiative in getting and completing make up work. • “Extra credit” will not bailout (or cancel) low grades. • With some students, you may see a drop in math grades. • Making transition from concrete to abstract reasoning and problem solving. • 7th grade teachers do not plan together for day-to-day lessons and homework. • We do meet to ensure we are keeping pace with the frameworks for understanding.

  12. General 7th Grade "Need-to-Know" • All core classes build upon the 6th grade curriculum. • Students will be expected to REMEMBERand APPLY what they have already (or should have) learned. • We will not notify you when your child receives a zero. • It is critical for you to constantly communicate with your child regarding homework and other assignments.

  13. ELA "Need-to-Know" • ELA curriculum is taught through Reader’s and Writer’s Workshop method. • The teacher will model a skill and the students are given the opportunity to practice during class on their own, with partners, or in small groups. • Students will learn how to elaborate on their thinking and responses using evidence from the text. (No one word answers) • Students must: • Analyze, evaluate and make judgments about texts and or authors. • Make connections, inferences and dig deeper into their text. • Read and write independently and discuss as part of a small or whole group their findings. • Participate in classroom conferences with the teacher. • Notes, assignments and any teacher created handouts will be posted on my website.

  14. SCIENCE "Need-to-Know" • Students should have composition book for warm up entries. Students are expected to answer with 7th grade appropriate sentences. • MOST notes/handouts available on my website. • Books do not go home, but textbook is available for checkout in Media Center. • Content covered this year includes atmosphere and weather, cells, human body systems, genetics, and forces and motion (physics).

  15. SOCIAL STUDIES "Need-to-Know" • Students will study World History from 1450-present day • There are no textbooks. All important material they will need will be contained in their SOCIAL STUDIES NOTEBOOK, which should be in a 1-inch binder exclusively for class content materials. • Students should take responsibility to get information off the “Agenda Board” in Mr. Knight’s class. This board contains all information for handouts, due dates, upcoming items, etc….and they can write it in their planner at any time. • Graded TESTS and QUIZZES will not go home with students. These grades will be recorded on a page in their social studies notebook. • Dates for upcoming tests and quizzes will be posted to my website, but not homework assignments…the students must learn to be responsible and use their agenda to stay organized. • I will post the PowerPoint for each important area outline to my website after we complete the lesson. If a student is absent, they can go there to view it and copy down the notes in outline form. QUESTIONS? Email Mr. Knight at

  16. MATH"Need-to-Know" • Because math is at the “application level”, students will be expected to apply what they have already learned. • Must know how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide fractions and decimals without a calculator (Will have difficulty otherwise). • Must be able to express/justify ideas both verbally and in writing. • Must be able ask questions of teacher and fellow students. • Must be able to work in whole group and small group settings. • Eight mathematical practices: • Each student was issued a textbook to take home for reference. • No homework or assignment will come from book.

  17. Thanks for attending. Your next destination is Encore.