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Mobile App Development Company PowerPoint Presentation
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Mobile App Development Company

Mobile App Development Company

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Mobile App Development Company

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  1. YOUR PARTNERS IN TECHNOLOGY Mobile Application Development Company Happyheap Ventures LLP

  2. MOBILE APP DEVELOPMENT Platform Agnostic Mobile application development experts at Happy Heap, can build a mobile app using any of the below platforms. Native Android. Native iOS . Cross Platform app using React Native. Hybrid app using Phonegap.

  3. MOBILE APP BACKEND PLATFORMS Mobile Apps / Backend Platforms Every mobile app almost always requires a backend platform. It cannot work in isolation. To this effect our capabilities in the following technologies makes our team a one stop shop for all your app development needs. Java Play Framework Java Spring Framework PHP Symfony Framework PHP Laravel Framework Node.js All of the above platforms can be used to build custom web applications which serve as backend systems for your mobile apps. Our experts can use any of the above technologies and scale the backend platforms to millions of visitors, transactions etc. Our experts can integrate these platforms with highly performant data stores like Mongo DB SOLR / SOLR Cloud Elasticsearch

  4. CASE STUDY - 3 LACACO India's First Professional Network LACACO (acronym for LAwyer, CA, COmpany secretary) is a network of registered professionals in India. Our team has built the entire website, backend & mobile app. React Native app, common code for both iOS and Android. Online network of lawyers, CA's & company secretaries. End users can explore information about professionals, check their recommendations, fees, areas of expertise and book appointments .Professionals can manage their calendar on the LACACO app. Integrated voice solution (both local and virtual). Allows end users to talk to Professionals directly without revealing their personal mobile numbers. Integrated with Email, SMS channels of customer engagement.

  5. CASE STUDY - 4 INTUIT THINGS IoT Mobile App Intuit Things is a mobile app used to control a bunch of IoT & home automation devices. This app involved a lot of low level socket interaction over custom network protocols like MQTT. React Native app, common code for both iOS and Android. Low level hardware interactions over Sockets and using a custom data exchange protocol called MQTT. Extensive use of React Native bridges shows our capability in extending a cross platform app to use low level platform features. End users can control all managed electronic devices in their homes or office using this mobile app. Integrated with a Node.JS server which in turn uses AWS IOT services for user management, device setup and device management.

  6. CASE STUDY - 5 HYSHOP Hyper Local Shopping / E-Commerce HyShop (acronym for HYperlocal SHopping) is a e-commerce app, that digitises inventory sitting in local shops and makes it available to end users to shop from the anywhere. Allows digitisation of merchandise in 6 categories. Integrated solution for shopkeepers allows them to track orders and shipping of orders received through the app. End users can create a cart and order from the app, paying using a variety of payment options. Shopkeepers can manage their inventory using the app. Users can search based on geo-spatial data allowing them to find shops in their locality very fast.

  7. YOUR PARTNERS IN TECHNOLOGY Thank You Thank you for giving us a chance to showcase what we can do for you. Of the many things we can do well, one thing is for sure. Just like the COMPASS below, an engagement with us will make sure that your project is steered in the right direction. Happyheap Ventures LLP

  8. If anyone thinking to make his own mobile app then hire best mobile application development company. For more details visit us at: Happyheap Ventures LLP +91-8879606887