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  1. Tulikivi Oyj 1.4.2010

  2. Tulikivi Corporation • Listed family enterprise • Business areas: fireplaces and natural stone products • Turnover: EUR 53.1 million • Personnel: about 500 • 6 production facilities: 2 in Juuka, Suomussalmi, Taivassalo, Espoo and Heinävesi • Head office in Juuka, North Karelia, Finland • Parent company of the corporation: Tulikivi Oyj

  3. History of Tulikivi 2007 Merger of Kermansavi Oy with Tulikivi Oyj2006 Purchase of Kermansavi Oy2004 Tulikivi finds a remarkable new soapstone deposit in Juuka2003 Purchase of Kivia Oy2003 Merger of Tulikivi Rakennuskivet Oy with Tulikivi Oyj2002 Merger of Mittakivi Oy, Kiantastone Oy and Tulipuu Oy with Tulikivi Oyj2000 Founding of Tulikivi Rakennuskivet Oy through business acquisitions1999 Founding of Suomussalmi factory (Kiantastone Oy), Tulikivi 20 years1994 Tulikivi listed in the Helsinki Stock Exchange1988 First model range for export1987 Mittakivi Oy (custom fireplace factory) was founded as daughter company of Tulikivi1979 Reijo Vauhkonen bought the capital stock of Suomen Vuolukivi Oy End of 1800: Quarrying is active in the village of Nunnanlahti inJuuka. Soapstone fireplaces were exported eg. to St.Petersburg.

  4. Production units Tulikivi factory

  5. Sales Finland Exports

  6. Customer Pledge and Procedures • Tulikivi’s manufacturing processes and products and their life cycles appeal to environmentally conscious consumers who use the products as primary and secondary heating sources, for interior decoration and for creating a comfortable atmosphere. • Our focus is on finished consumer products but we also provide consumers with tailor-made solutions. We sell lining stones to important European heating-appliance manufacturers and supply customers in Finland and Scandinavia with building stones through business-to-business deals. • Three product groups

  7. Product Group Tulikivi Heating & Environment • For customers living in towns or the countryside who are building or renovating their home • Also for second homes and summer cottages • These customers are interested in the environment, energy and economic efficiency, and comfortable heat

  8. Product Group Tulikivi Heating & Environment • Heat-retaining Tulikivi and Kermansavi fireplaces and fireplace/bake ovens • Available in all Tulikivi’s market areas

  9. Product Group Tulikivi Interior & Design • For customers living in towns or the suburbs who are building or renovating their home • These customers are interested in aesthetic design, durability, comfortable heat and the environment • Interior decoration fireplaces under the Tulikivi and Kermansavi brands, surface materials natural stones and ceramics • Available in all Tulikivi’s market areas

  10. Product Group Tulikivi Interior & Design • Tulikivi interior decoration stones • On sale in Finland

  11. Product Group Tulikivi Cooking • For customers living in towns or the countryside who love cooking and/or are owners of fireplaces • These customers are interested in cooking, practicality and durability • Tulikivi and Kermansavi bake ovens and stoves, Kermansavi utility ceramics • Main market area is Finland

  12. Sales% By Country 2009 Finland France Germany Belgium Sweden Russia Austria Denmark USA Switzerland Italy Others Other countries:Estonia, Ukraine, Norway, Lithuania, The Netherlands, Romania, Spain, Bulgaria, Slovenia

  13. Introduction to soapstone production

  14. Removing of blocks Sawing with chain saws Height of the line about 2m

  15. Cutting of the blocks Cutting of the blocks to a size suitable for the production

  16. Gang saw Blocks sawn to smaller pieces A block is sawn at right angle against grain

  17. Block-cutter Blocks are sawn into slabs along the grain

  18. Production line A block is sawn along the grain into a slab. The ends of the slabs will be cut, their thickness and width will be calibrated, surface will be matt finished, they will be bevelled and cut into certain lengths

  19. Waterjet cutting Computer controlled A robot cuts preshaped stones

  20. CNC machine Allows different shaped objects with rounded edges to be made

  21. Finishing Bevelling, polishing and quality control Work is done with grinders and bevelling machines that operate with compressed air

  22. Transport package Finally the products are packed in enduring transport packages A fireplace package includes doors and assembly materials

  23. Thank you! Tulikivi Oyj83900 JUUKA