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  1. BIO-PETROL LTD. Global Solution for Sewage Sludge Disposal Birmingham, Alabama June, 2003

  2. Mission To develop and establish an efficient, economically viable industrial facility for treating sewage sludge, on site, from urban wastewater treatment plants (WWTP).

  3. Background Sewage sludge is a massive global environmental problem. Methods for sludge removal and treatment are expensive and environmentally hazardous. New stringent legislation for sludge removal has fostered the need for innovative technologies to solve this problem.

  4. Bio-Petrol’s Treatment Process A Combined Bio-Petrol Plant Drying/evaporation of water from the sewage sludge (app. 70% of the sewage content). Thermo-chemical conversion of the dry sludge into synthetic crude oil with energy value equal to that of diesel oil. Ash residue app. 5% of original sludge (containing 20% dry solids). Heavy metals in sludge are rendered immobile. 95% of the sludge containing contaminated matter is removed and converted into oil and gas.

  5. Existing Methods for Sludge Removal Agricultural use as fertilizer: Contains toxic materials, heavy metals, pathogens, Incineration: Emits dangerous toxics. Drying and landfill: Hazardous to the environment.

  6. Bio-Petrol’s Novel Technology Liquefying carbon-rich solid fuels Combines familiar liquefaction methods (pyrolysis and thermal extraction) to develop the high utilization process of converting the organic matter that is in the sludge into oil, gas and char. The gas, char and if necessary, part of the oil, are used to evaporate the water. The oil contains compounds from which petro-chemical commodities are made. The result: Production of synthetic oil and gas with an energy value of 42 kg. (92 lbs) of oil, per 1 ton (2200 lbs) of wet sludge (20% dry solids).

  7. Bio-Petrol Technology

  8. Oil Treatment Process

  9. Advantages ·  Eliminates the need to dispose of the sewage sludge at high cost to the WWTP. ·  Converts environmentally hazardous waste into raw materials with economic value. ·  Significantly reduces space needed for sludge disposal. ·  Technology can be implemented in any WWTP. Economic: Environmental: ·   · Eliminates the severe environmental hazards associated with current sludge disposal processes. ·  Absence of industrial waste.

  10. Products ·  Removal/disposal of sewage sludge. ·  Production of crude synthetic oil which can be sold on the world market. ·   Planning facilities for the production of synthetic fuel and its products from sewage sludge.

  11. Pilot Plant Constructing a pilot plant with a capacity to process 200kg/hr (440 lbs) of wet sludge for a community of up to 20,000 residents. Plant constructed in Israel and then sent to Birmingham for assembly and operation tests …….$805,000 Option #1 Option #2 Plant constructed in Israel, with operating tests In Israel, and then assembled in Birmingham …. $690,000

  12. Project Team Ari Sofer, Eng. -General Manager Industrialist in the sphere of financial applications and products of sewage sludge. Dr. Yafim Plopski -Chief Scientist Renowned scientist in chemistry and technology of fuels and gases. Dr. Alexander Rogov - Senior researcher Author of 25 articles and more than 60 patents in the field of fuels and gases. Dr. Amit Mor- Financial Consultant World expert and economic advisor on alternative energy.