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Harold Bob Nartey - A Fitness Coach from Illinois

Harold Bob Nartey resides in Westchester, Illinois, where he grew up. His father struggled with obesity, which made Mr. Nartey decide to enroll at the University of Illinois and study Nutrition Science. Using the knowledge from his studies, Mr. Nartey created a fitness and nutrition plan for his father. Mr. Nartey later became a fitness coach and a nutritionist.

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Harold Bob Nartey - A Fitness Coach from Illinois

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  1. Harold Bob Nartey A Fitness Coach from Illinois Harold Bob Nartey is an accomplished fitness coach and nutritionist with a degree in Nutritional Science who lives in Westchester, Illinois. He is a graduate of the University of Illinois. Having been born and raised in the state, he feels very passionate about helping people in his community improve their lives by exercising and eating well. Harold Bob Nartey is a nutritionist with a vast experience of helping people get in shape while meeting the demands of modern life.

  2. Harold Bob Nartey An Individual Approach to Every Client Harold Bob Nartey grew up in Westchester, Illinois. He is a fitness coach and a nutritionist. He takes an individual approach to every client. When he first meets a client, he first conducts an interview to learn more about the client, his or her goals, current eating habits, and exercise preferences. This allows him to create custom-tailored plans for his clients who are then able to quickly achieve the desired results. Harold Bob Nartey runs a fitness business and helps people achieve their fitness goals.Imagine for a moment a marathon runner getting close to the 26.2-mile finish line.

  3. Harold Bob Nartey Tailored Plans that Help People Get in Shape Harold Bob Nartey is a resident of Westchester, Illinois. He graduated from the University of Illinois with a degree in Nutrition Science and started his own fitness business at the age of 25. Growing up, Mr. Nartey witnessed his father struggle with obesity. Mr. Nartey was very proud when he created a tailored fitness plan to help his dad get in shape.Today he is a nutritionist and fitness coach passionate about helping people get in shape and stay in shape.

  4. Harold Bob Nartey On the Importance of Building New Health Habits Gradually Harold Bob Nartey helps residents of Westchester, Illinois, to get in shape and eat healthy.When it comes to health and dieting, most people decide to do it and start limiting their food intake, change the foods they eat instantly, and keep going until they break down and can’t do it anymore. Then they proclaim that dieting doesn’t work, that eating healthy is impossible, that they can’t do it, and they go back to their old routines.It is important to understand that building new habits and routines takes time and a lot of work.

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