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Company Information and Securities Information Databases PowerPoint Presentation
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Company Information and Securities Information Databases

Company Information and Securities Information Databases

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Company Information and Securities Information Databases

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  1. Company Information and Securities Information Databases There is considerable overlap of company information and securities information databases with news and public records databases.

  2. Securities Company Information Edit • Tabbed custom pages can be set up for both company information and securities materials. • These pages streamline access to the most relevant databases and services. • The tabbed pages can be edited to display the databases and services that are of specific interest to you.

  3. Company and Securities Information • There are many databases that contain information on businesses and securities transactions. • Some are directory listings that may include the local gas station as well as the giant conglomerate. • Others contain sophisticated financial information derived from registration with a state’s Secretary of State or filings with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

  4. Company Information Database Examples • Dun & Bradstreet Business Records Plus (DUNBR) contains information on the history, day-to-day operations, finances, and corporate affiliations of more than 59.4 million companies throughout the world. • Company Profiles (CO-PROFILE) lists key people, number of employees, annual sales, company divisions, and subsidiaries. • The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) contains business articles. • Daily Report for Executives (BNA-DER) • Directory of Corporate Counsel (CORP-DIR)

  5. Corporate and Other Business Directories There are approximately 35 business directories on Westlaw. They give such information as name and doing-business-as name, addresses, telephone numbers, executives, type of business, branch offices, and much more, depending on the directory. Business Directories Directories and Reference Materials AM-BUS-DIR, COMPANY, and CO-INTELL are popular business directories

  6. Company Public Records Database Examples • Corporate Records and Business Registration–Combined (CORP-ALL) contains registration and status information from state secretaries of state. It gives name of registered agent and good standing status. (CORP-XX is the single state equivalent.) • Business Tracker (BUS-TRACK) conveys basic information about a company, such as the company name, address, telephone number, Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) number, D&B number, federal employer identification number, trade names, or fictitious names. • Business Finder Records–U.S. and Canada (BUSFIND-ALL) • Fictitious Business Name Records–Combined (FBN-ALL) • Name Availability Records (NA-ALL) tells whether the name used is trade, doing-business-as, assumed, or former name. • Executive Affiliation Records (EA-ALL)

  7. Database: CORP-MN • Search: joe /4 bar • Result: 7 documents. A portion of one document is displayed showing some of the Secretary of State information available in this database.

  8. Securities Information Database Examples • Investext (INVSTXT-PDF) contains analysts’ stock reports as originally published, including charts, graphs, and tables. • EDGAR–SEC Filings (EDGAR) contains annual reports, proxy statements, 10-K and 10-Q reports. • SEC Electronic Filings (SECNOW) contains the documents in EDGAR as well as tender offers, registration statements, and prospectuses. Documents are generally available on Westlaw within 60 minutes of receipt by the SEC.

  9. Securities Information Database Examples • Securities and Exchange Commission Corporate Filings (SEC-ONLINE) contains NASDAQ filings. •  Dow Jones Corporate Filings Alert (FEDFILE) • Insider Stock Transactions (STOCK) • Due Diligence in Security Transactions (DUEDILSEC)

  10. Company Record link • Database: EDGAR • Structured Search: enronin Company Name box, 2001in Filing Date box,and a check byProspectus • Result: 22 prospectuses filed by Enron with the SEC in 2001 The Company Record Link in a Edgar document gives basic information about the company.

  11. Database: STOCK • Structured Search: martha stewartin the Owner Name box • Result: 68 documents reflecting insider standing as an officer, director, policy maker, or as a beneficial owner of more than 10 percent of company stock • The above document gives the nature of the relationship, the value of the stock, the name of the broker, the proposed sale date, and more.