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Meaningful Use

Meaningful Use

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Meaningful Use

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  1. History Meaningful Use Reasons Measures & Stages Attestation Incentives Penalties Certified EMR’s

  2. American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA – the “Stimulus”) Signed Feb. 17, 2009 $787 billion Infrastructure… History Education… Healthcare… Health Information Technology – $25.8 billion

  3. Meaningful Use Criteria Improve Quality, Safety, Efficiency Engage Patients & Families Improve Care Coordination Reasons for MU Improve Public and Population Health Ensure Privacy and Security for Personal Health Information Each Meaningful Use objective/measure is designed to meet one of these criteria

  4. Eligible Professionals (“EP”) EP’s under the Medicare EHR Incentive Program include: Doctor of Medicine or Osteopathy Doctor of Dental Surgery or Dental Medicine Doctor of Podiatry Doctor of Optometry Chiropractor Who Participates in Meaningful Use? Hospital-based eligible professionals are not eligible for incentive payments. An eligible professional is considered hospital-based if 90% or more of his or her services are performed in a hospital inpatient (Place Of Service code 21) or emergency room (Place Of Service code 23) setting. EP’s must select whether to qualify for Medicare or Medicaid incentive. Medicare incentive payments are larger and there are no penalties. Most EP’s cannot qualify for Medicaid incentive program. More EP’s eligible for Medicaid incentive (NP’s, some PA’s, etc.) If you are eligible for incentive payments, YOU ARE ALSO ELIGIBLE FOR THE PENALTY PHASE!

  5. Measures & Stages

  6. Stage 1 – Starting 2011 15/15 “Core Set” Objectives/Measures 5/10 “Menu Set” Objectives/Measures Stage 2 – Starting 2014 17/17“Core Set” Objectives/Measures 3/6 “Menu Set” Objectives/Measures Attestation Stage 3 – Starting 2016? ?/?“Core Set” Objectives/Measures ?/?“Menu Set” Objectives/Measures Meaningful Use is forever…

  7. These amounts are “per physician”. The last year to start receiving incentives is 2014. Starting MU in 2015 will result in NO incentive payments. Incentives Too Late! Too Late!

  8. What if you fail to meet MU? Penalties (“adjustments”) will be applied as a percent of Medicare Part B Professional Fee Schedule Charges. They are scheduled to begin in 2015, and continue as follows: 2015: 1% 2016: 2% Penalties (“Adjustments”) 2017: 3% 4%* 2018: 2019: 5%* * At the discretion of the Secretary of HHS You are at risk for adjustments WHETHER OR NOT you received incentive payments

  9. To attest for Meaningful Use, you MUST use a certified EMR/EHR! In the Radiation Oncology sphere, you have 3 choices: Certified EMR’s ONCOCHART Aria Aria Mosaiq Mosaiq You do not have to use a RadOnc-oriented EMR. Make sure the non-RadOnc-oriented EMR does not introduce compliance issues.

  10. Things to watch for when selecting an EMR: Does the EMR cause a negative impact on your workflow? Does the EMR make it easier or harder to achieve MU? Are CQM’s easily captured? PQRS? Does the EMR/MU tool really work and is it helpful? Is Support really responsive?

  11. Does the EMR cause a negative impact on your workflow? Are extra steps needed for MU? Vitals collection is part of normal workflow – not added on as an extra task

  12. Does the EMR make it easier or harder to achieve MU? All elements of MU should be part of normal workflow MU should not add to your workflow – EVER!

  13. Are CQM & PQRS easily captured and reported? Calculate Results Describe each measure Show Deficiencies

  14. Does the EMR/MU tool really work and is it helpful? Calculate Results Describe each measure Break down By Patient Show Deficiencies

  15. Is Support really responsive? MU experts always available – not “we’ll get back to you later” Live answers, not recordings MU support included at no extra cost Help with attestation at no extra cost

  16. Take-aways… You MUST prepare for Meaningful Use…now Take advantage of incentive payments by complying early Use an EMR that compliments workflow – not impedes it Is the EMR you are considering over-priced? How many “extras” do you have to buy? Your EMR must provide supportive support