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Mental Health America of the Heartland Center for Practical Bioethics with funding from PowerPoint Presentation
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Mental Health America of the Heartland Center for Practical Bioethics with funding from

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Mental Health America of the Heartland Center for Practical Bioethics with funding from
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Mental Health America of the Heartland Center for Practical Bioethics with funding from

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  1. Mental Health America of the Heartland Center for Practical Bioethics with funding from The Health Care Foundation of Greater Kansas City

  2. Mission to promote the mental health of the community and improve the quality of life of persons with mental illness, through advocacy, education, and support

  3. Center for Practical Bioethics Mission to raise and respond to ethical issues in health & healthcare to provide practical “guidance at the crossroads of decision” on difficult and complex biomedical issues ‘

  4. What is it? Sabbaths of Hope is a project that aims to: • enable clergy, seminarians, and other faith leaders to recognize types and symptoms of depression • offer more effective support to congregants and clergy suffering from depression • provide referral and linkage to treatment options • address stigma, discrimination, and other barriers to treatment • promote holistic approaches to depression treatment

  5. What is it? • Faith community participants receive training and resources to enable them to conduct educational events for congregants and colleagues • All “depression and hope” related activities culminate in a congregationally designated Sabbaths of Hope weekend observance in May (suggested)

  6. What is it? Sabbaths of Hope 2008 EVENTS: • 2007-08 Presentations to Clergy Groups • 1/23 & 30 Depression Seminars (COR) • Feb 25, 2008 Conference & Workshops • Ongoing Depression & Hopeworkshops… • May 2008 Weekend Observances • Summer 2008 Clergy Cohort Follow-up • Fall 2008 Planning 2009-10 events, resources

  7. Amazing Grace International Church of God in Christ (COGIC) Beth Judah Ministries (COGIC) Central Baptist Theological Seminary (ABC/CBF/ecumenical) Community Christian Church (DOC) Crossroads Church First Baptist Church of Kansas City, KS (ABC) First Baptist Church of Lawrence (ABC) First Christian Church of Blue Springs (DOC) Friendship Baptist Church (NBC) Grandview Baptist Church (ABC) Hillview Church of God (COG--AI) Holmeswood Baptist Church (CBF) Kaw Prairie Community Church (Willow Creek) Judson Baptist Church (ABC) Lao American Baptist Church (ABC) Linwood United Church (UMC/PCUSA) Overland Park Christian Church (DOC) Peace Mennonite Church (MCUSA) Prairie Baptist Church (ABC) Revolution (UMC) Second Baptist Church, Liberty (CBF) Southminster Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) St James United Methodist Church Village Presbyterian Church (PCUSA) CongregationalCohort 2007

  8. 11of the 2007 Cohort Congregations… + Beggars Table (EFCA) Brenner Heights Baptist Church (ABC) Chandler Baptist Church (MBC) Church of the Resurrection (UMC) Colonial Church (UCC) Congregation Beth Torah (Reform Judaism) First Baptist Church of Turner (ABC) First Baptist Church of Olathe (ABC) First Christian Church, Lyons, KS (DOC) First Christian Church, Merriam (DOC) First Congregational Church, Topeka (UCC) Good Samaritan Missionary Baptist Harvest Ridge Covenant Church Hickman Mills Community Christian Church (DOC) Immanuel Lutheran Church (ELCA) Lenexa United Methodist Church Liberty Christian Church (DOC) Metropolitan Missionary Baptist Church (NBC) Mount Vernon Missionary Baptist Church Nazarene Theological Seminary New Reform Temple (Reform Judaism) New Song Faith Community (DOC) Overland Park Regional Center Plymouth Congregational Church, Lawrence (UCC) Smithville Christian Church (DOC) Trinity United Methodist Church Unitarian Universalist Fellowship, Lawrence West Side Baptist Church, Topeka (ABC) (+ others, for a total cohort of nearly 50 faith communities observing a Sabbath of Hope in 2008) CongregationalCohort 2008

  9. Clergy Feedback2008 observances “[Sabbaths of Hope] was very well received. I had an unusually positive response - several expressions of appreciation for spending a Sunday on the subject of depression. Several shared with me concerns for themselves and family and friends who struggle with depression. “ Pastor in KC, Kansas, 2008 Sabbaths of Hope observance

  10. Clergy Feedback2008 observances “Also, in all this and with talking with some mentors and friends, I realized that I probably struggle with low grade depression . . . . All in all, Sabbaths of Hope may well be instrumental in a whole new ministry focus at [our church]. “ Pastor, 2008 Sabbaths of Hope observance

  11. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? • National epidemic: 18.8 million adults per year experience depression (U.S. data) • 9.5% of the adult population • 17.6k men + 38.1k women in Greater KC • 10-fold increase in the past 50 years • 31,500 suicides per year (U.S.) • 535,000 ER visits for self-inflicted injury

  12. Congregational Survey(Blue Springs, MO, 5/08)n = 107(of 191 congregants = 56% response rate) • I am currently depressed or have at some point in my life experienced depression. (49 yes = 46%) • Someone close to me is depressed or has had depression. (62 yes = 58%) • I have never experienced depression and don’t know anyone who has. (12 yes = 11%)

  13. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? In fact… • 31% of Kansas Citians turn first to their spiritual leader/clergy in times of mental health crisis

  14. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? “At the conclusion of my first sermon on depression, where I discussed depression among the youth, a 13 year old young lady with tears in her eyes came to me and said, ‘Thank you. For months, my mom has been telling me to get over it. Now she understands it isn't that easy’.” Pastor, 2007 Sabbaths of Hope observance

  15. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? • Depression treatment is ~70-80% effective • Including“talk therapy,” antidepressants, light, nutrition, exercise, support groups, sleep, meditation, music, pets, etc. • Yet only 25%-33% of sufferers access help and treatment

  16. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? • Depression Disparities • for many minorities… • depression incidence is higher • treatment access/usage is lower

  17. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? “The depression awareness forum led by Dr. Ruth Rosell taught the community about the signs, symptoms, and treatments for depression. The community was enlightened with info for themselves and their families. For example, they learned that all depression doesn't appear the same. Children are victims of this disease as well—and not talking about it doesn't make it better…. As a result, three people sought immediate professional help.” Faith Leader, 2007 Sabbaths of Hope observance

  18. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? because… Stigma is a major barrier to treatment

  19. WhyobserveSabbaths of Hope? “The physio-chemistry of depression was presented in the Sabbaths of Hope workshop and it helped the community to understand this is a physiological and organic phenomenon…. This helps to eliminate the stigma of the condition and will allow more persons to speak of this and to get help when indicated.” Faith Leader, 2007 Sabbaths of Hope observance

  20. Resources Depression & Hope Response Kit • Introduction • Depression: A Guide for Faith Community Leaders • Signs & Symptoms • Causes of Depression • Depression in Particular Populations • Suicide and Substance Abuse • How, When, and Where to Refer • Treatment Options • Christian and Jewish Liturgical Resources • Scripture Texts & Sacred Writings • Sample Sermons & Service • Prayers & Congregational Litanies • Music Selections • Depression & Hope Bulletin Insert • Depression & Hope Workshop Module

  21. ResourcesWallet Cards

  22. ResourcesWallet Cards “I've been working with the congregation and a family concerning a member who committed suicide last week. I will be doing his memorial service Saturday and hope to have the cards available for the service. Kansas City Pastor, 2008 Sabbaths of Hope

  23. ResourcesBulletin Insert

  24. 2008-2010 goals Host 6 Dinner Groups (focusing on dissemination and sustainability) African American Clergy Latino Faith Community Leaders Parish Nurse and Health Ministries Leaders Denominational Leaders Ministry Educators Other Faith Community Leaders

  25. 2008-2010 goals Spanish translation of particular resources from the Sabbaths of Hope Response Kit Development of web-based resources for free download “Depression & Hope” workshops Consultationto faith leaders for ongoing annual observances

  26. Observe…a Sabbath of Hope! “Sabbaths of Hope will be an annual observance in our congregation. It will also be an ongoing ministry effort in the church, both within the congregation and the community at large. This program has had unintended consequences. In addition to raising depression awareness within our congregation and the community at large, Sabbaths of Hope challenged us to take a look within our congregation at what resources we might already have among us that we are failing to utilize. As it turns out, …we already had within our congregation significantly more resources than we realized. When we combine [Sabbaths of Hope resources with our own], we have the opportunity not only to raise depression awareness, but make a significant impact on those who are suffering from this disease.” Faith Leader, 2007-08 Sabbaths of Hope observance

  27. Observe…a Sabbath of Hope! “Our Sabbath of Hope is coming just at the right time, as many are questioning and concerned about loved ones and fellow members who may be struggling with depression and grief and other mental and emotional issues. Several of us attended a Stephen Ministry workshop recently and are realizing how many unmet ministry needs there are in our congregation. I think our Sabbath of Hope may very well be a springboard for some future intentional ministry in nurture and care.” Pastor, 2008 Sabbaths of Hope observance