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Online Medical Advice

Online Medical Advice

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Online Medical Advice

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  1. Online Medical Advice Ryan & Raahem

  2. Mobile phones are common in rural area where internet is not • Mobiles can be used to raise awareness + campaigns • Allows messages to be sent at low costs • Easy to customize messages for different languages • Health projects can set up free numbers for users • For HIV/AIDS and testing, mobile encourage people to get help as they are offered anonymity. • Health awareness campaigns are aimed at young frequent mobile users, by sending them messages or games. • Examples of projects include: • Project Masiluleke: a HIV/AIDS awareness campaign in South Africa. Sends mass-messages users about prevention and encourages HIV testing. Sent in various languages. This saw an increase of 300% in people calling the HIV centre. • Text to Change: a project in Uganda sends short quiz questions to mobile phone users to raise awareness for AIDS. Text messages are for free. • Freedom HIV/AIDS: in India send 4 games to tackle the disease. The games use themes related to the people such as national sport (cricket). There have been over 10.3 million downloads, most from rural areas. It expanded to East Africa+ new games • Save the children and UNICEF: In Georgia produced a video with well know actors. This included health issues and HIV prevention methods. It was convertible for mobile phones. Mobile Phones

  3. A way of distributing health care messages and promoting awareness. • Diagnosis Sites: operated by government or individuals offer information about common diseases. They can allow users to interact with the site, by inputting their symptoms. • There are also options to send e-mails or have live chats with medical professionals. • Some have used Facebook pages and applications to raise awareness + promote such as NYCDHMH. • These are useful especially if a patient ignores their local doctor. • Medical Advice Sites: Rather than diagnosing someone, these websites offer advice for treatment to patients. • Topics range from heart disease to dental care. • There are also useful forums for public scares such as Bird Flu and Swine Flu. • There are even updates and answers to frequent questions. • These reduce the time spend by doctors Online Medical Advice

  4. Reaction times increase by 17% when phoning or even using hand free. • There was a 50% increase when texting which is slower than a drunk driver. • Checking emails, changing music, or setting the sat nav can increase the reaction time by 56%. • Rules introduced resulting in fines for people who are caught using their mobile phone whilst driving. • Many devices have a voice activated system so that the user is not distracted by trying to read or follow instructions, and instead are able just to listen to what they are being told. Driven to distraction

  5. It is not known whether or not they are medically trained, which is an issue as many people depend on the internet. • UK government survey found that 80% of teenagers have used the internet for medical advice. • Archives of Disease in Childhood – only 39% of 500 sites that were checked actually gave accurate information. • Incorrect health advice: - May not fully understand the impact of their illness, or even know they are ill if they have been informed incorrectly. • It is recommended that only government operated websites Risks