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  1. Referat Castelul Bran

  2. History • A document issued by Louis I of Hungary (1342-1382) on 19 november 1377 inZvolen confirmed seat Saxons of Brasov (totaque communitas Saxonum SedisBrassouiensis) the right to raise, as promised, the expense and their masters, a new city stone Bran (promiserunt novum castrum in Lapide Tydrici building). On this occasion, the king promises Brasov that if you reach the Romanian Country "in our hands", the customs will be moved from Rucăr (Ruff Arbor) at Bran. The reference in the text document in 1377 on a "new city of stone", allows the inference that the fortification of stone, which was to be built on the site, waspreceded by a border stronghold older. This city, probably wooden, will be raisedby the Teutonic Knights from 1211-1225. It is attributed to the master Theodorikus.In the thirteenth century Bran Castle territory was under county jurisdiction AlbaRoyal.

  3. In 1395 Sigismund of Luxembourg, German Emperor and King of Hungary, Brancastle used as a basis for a strategic foray into Romanian country, after which thedeposed usurper Prince Vlad, Mircea's rival, his vassal.Bran Iosefin Map of Transylvania, 1769-1773In 1407 Sigismund granted him dominion Mircea Bran castle (without the charge)and Bologa. Bran remains under the authority of the Romanian Country until 1419.In 1427 the property passed Bran Castle Brasov seat in the crown of Hungary,which financed the fortification and expansion. In 1498 Bran castle was the seat ofHungarian royalty rented Brasov.

  4. Architecture • Initially, Bran Castle was a stronghold of "temporary" military purpose, irregularquadrilateral. In time, the city has undergone many changes such as adding the south tower (in 1622 the plans of Prince Gabriel Bethlen), construction of arectangular tower on the east, and between 1883 and 1886 was covered with tileroof. [Citation needed]The fortress was transformed in 1920 when the castle was owned by Queen Mary, during which they made ​​the most important restoration

  5. Present Bran Castle is located less than 30 km from Brasov, the motorway that goesthrough the old neighborhood and linking Brasov Bartholomew Câmpulung. BranCastle is built on a rock in a key strategic point of view. It currently houses the BranMuseum, the museum covers four floors of the castle. Museum collections areexposed ceramic, furniture, weapons and armor, and the castle is a small village museum, with traditional houses Rucar-Bran region.

  6. In 2000, Bran Castle was claimed by Archduke Dominic Habsburg and his sisters,Maria Magdalena Holzhausen and Elisabeth Sandhofer heirs castle [2]. In May2006, they became owners of the castle and the area following a government decision for restitution [2]. Romanian state administration held the castle for another three years, until May 18, 2009 [2]. Before restitution, Ministry of Cultureordered the removal of collections belonging to the Romanian state to Bran CastleMedieval Customs. To reopen the museum, a refurbished castle Habsburg familywith personal objects from the collection. Official reopening of the museum was made from June 1, 2009. [3]