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Complete the chart of countries and nationalities below using the words from the box . PowerPoint Presentation
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Complete the chart of countries and nationalities below using the words from the box .

Complete the chart of countries and nationalities below using the words from the box .

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Complete the chart of countries and nationalities below using the words from the box .

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  1. Page 7 Complete the chart of countries and nationalitiesbelowusingthewordsfromthe box . Addothercountries and nationalities Nationality 11 6 16 German Indian Mexican Italian Russian Korean Japanese Chinese Kuwaiti Omani Polish Spanish Swendish Turkish French Greek British American 1 12 17 2 7 18 13 8 3 9 4 14 5 10 15

  2. Page 15 A. Put the days of the week in order . Which days are the weekend Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday(Weekend) Sunday(Weekend) B. Writethemonths of theyearunderthecorrectseasons Summer Autumn Winter Spring August - September June - July December - January February - March April - May October - November

  3. C. Complete these time phraseswith in, at oron. Thenwritethephrasesunderthecorrectpreposition in thetablebelow Atnight Intheautumn On 15th february OnThursday Intheafternoon OnTuesdayevening In june At new year Attheweekend Complete thesesentenceswith in, at oron The office closesforthreedaysat new year Thereisanimportant meeting on 15th June The CEO visitsourbranchinthesummer Wedeliverlargegoodsonmondayafternoons

  4. F. Work in pairs. When are youbusyduringtheday, week and year ?. What are thequiet times? A: When are youbusyduringtheday? B: I am verybusy in theafternoon . A: When are thequiet times foryou ? B: I havequiet times at night. A: Whichdays are youbusyduringtheweek ? B: Frequently I am busyonMonday. G. Writeaboutyourself, yourcompanyoryourschool Usually I am verybusyin themorning. Myquiet times are ontheafternoons. I enjoyverymuchmyweekendsbecause I liketoplay and gooutwithmydaugther.

  5. Page 18 A. Complete theleisureactivitiesbelowusingwordsfromthe box . sometimes more thanoneanswerispossible Going to – Listening to – Playing - Watching Playing golf Watching TV Going to restaurants Listening to music Playingtennis Goingtothe cinema Playingfootball Going tothegym Going toconcerts Playingthe guitar Watching to DVDs Playingcomputergames

  6. Page 18 B. Talkaboutyourleisureactivities . Use theverbs in box 1 and the time phrases in box 2. At theweekend On Friday/ Saturdaynight In thesummer / Winter In August / December In themorning / afternoon / evening Love Like Quite like Don´tlike • I loveplaywith mi daugtherat theweekend. • Ilikegotothe cinema withmygirlfriendonSaturdaynight. • I don´tlikegoout in thewinter. • I lovethesnow in December. • I don´tlikeget up early at theweekend. • I quite likegotothe pool in thesummer. • I quite likeeathamburguerformydinner.

  7. Page 22 A. Complete thesentencesbelowusingadjectivesfromthe box Broken Clean Confusing Fast Flexible Noisy Ouremployeesenjoyhavingflexiblehours Thenew sales assistantgot a fastpromotion Wewant a clean and well-furnishedapartment Theiroldprinterisbroken, so theywant a new one Theinstructions are notclear. Theyare veryconfusing Whenthemachinery in thefactorystarts, itisverynoisy

  8. Page 23 C. Look at thesesentences: Thebedistoohard. Itisn´tsoftenough. Theseatsaren´twideenough. They´retoonarrow. Writesentencesusingtooorenough and adjectivesfromexercise B relating to theunderlinedwords 1. Thereportdoesn´tgivemuchinformation.It´stoo short ./ Itisn´tlongenough. 2. I can´tcarrythesesuitcases .It´stoo heavy. 3. I can´t meet you at six o´clock in the morning. It´s too early. 4. I don´t want this car. Its top speed is only 100 kilometres per hour. It´s too slow. / It isn´t fast enough. 5. Don´t take any visitors to those areas late at night. It´s too dangerous./ It isn´t safe enough. 6. That camera doesn´t fit in my pocket. It´s too big./ It isn´t small enough. 7. The hotel room is $1000 dollars a night. It´s too expensive ./ It isn´t cheap enough. 8. I can´t sleep because of the music from the party. It´s too noisy./ It isn´t quiet enough.

  9. Page 10 Gramatica A. Complete thisinformationaboutMaristellawith short forms of theverbtobe. Myname’sMaristella. I’mBrazilianand I’mfromSao Paulo . I’m a researchanalystforaninvestmentbank in New York . I’mmarriedwithtwochildren , a boy and a girl . They’reat highschool in Scarsdale. Myhusband’s American and he’sa doctor. Mysister’sin New York, too. She’sa student at Columbia University. We’reallinterested in sports and movies. Myson’sa goodtennisplayer C. Complete this chart aboutyourself. Then introduce yourself to a partner. Myname's Sebastián Bedoya Name: Job: City: Nationality: Interests: Favouritesports I´mworking in Lavanser I'mfromCali I’mColombian Studentof ProductionEngineering Soccer

  10. D. Nowwrite a paragraphaboutyourpartner. Use thetext in exercise A as a model Mypartner´snameis Andrea Durán. She’sColombian and shelives in Zipaquira. Sheworks in Alquería. Shehave a boyfriend and he is Industrial Designer. E. Complete thesesentenceswithnegativeforms of tobe. • She'sRussian, butsheisn'tfromMoscow. • They'reJapanese, buttheyaren'tfromTokyo. • He's German, buthe isn'tfromMunich. • I'min sales, butI'mnotthemanager. • Theoffice is in Paris, butitisn´t in thecentre. • HernameisSophia, butsheisn'tItalian.

  11. F. Match thequestions and answersabout Sergio • Are youSpanish? No, I'mItalian. • Are you a sales manager? No, I'm a marketing manager. • Are youmarried? Yes, I am. That'sa picture of mywife. • Isyourwife a manager? No, she'sa lawyer. • Issheitalian? No, she'sMexican. Page11 A. Writethecorrectarticle ( a / an ) foreachjob • Amanager • Anoffice worker • Anoptician • Apersonal assistant • Apilot • Areceptionist • Aresearchanalyst • Asales assistant • Atechnician • Atelephoneoperator • Atrainee • Anaccountant • Anarchitect • Anartist • Acashier • Aconsultant • Adirector • Adoctor • Anengineer • Anexecutive • Ajournalist • Alawyer

  12. B. Workin pairs. Talkaboutyourjob and thejobs of yourfamily and friends I'm HSEQ Director in Lavanser. Mymotheris a housewife. Myfatheris a merchant. MygirlfriendisChemicalEngineer. MybestfriendisMaterialsEngineer. C. Listen to threepeopletalkingabouttheirjobs and complete this chart

  13. Page 17 A. DarrenThroopworksforEntertainmentOne, a media company in Toronto, Canada. Complete thearticlebelowabouthisworkingdayusingtheverbsfromthe box DarrenThroopgets up at 6 a.mand doessomeexercise in thegym in hishouse. At about6:30, He makesbreakfastforhistwodaughters . Thenhe checkshis e-mails in his home office . He drivesto work. At lunch time, He has a salad at hisdesk. At work, He spends a lot of time in meetings and onconferencecalls. He finisheshis office day at about 5 p.m. He travelsonbusiness a lot, so he likes to spendallhis free time withhisfamily.

  14. B. Complete thisinformationaboutMasamiKimura. Use thecorrectform of theverbs in brackets I´mMasamiKimuraand I'mmarriedwithtwochilden, Aiko and Katsuki. Theygo to aninternationalschool. Myhusband'snameisSeito. He worksfor a shippingcompany, and I workforaninternationalsecuritiescompany. Welive in Tokyo, nearShinjuku. I travel to workbysubway, butSeitodrivestowork. Webothlikesports and travelling. At theweekend, weplay golf orwegocamping.

  15. Page 19 LenguageFocus 2 A. Writethewords in brackets in thecorrect place in thesesentences Usuallyshegetsup early. (Usually) Theyalwaysstarttheirfirst meeting at nineo'clock. (Always) We are never late formeetings. (Never) I am oftenbusy in theafternoon. (Often) Sometimestheoffice closesat 3 p.m. (Sometimes) B. Readthesepairs of sentences . crossouttheincorrectword in sentence b) of eachpair a. He readsthepaperseveryday. b. He alwaysreadsthepapers. a. Weeat in thecompanycafeteriafour times a week. b. Weusuallyeat in thecompanycafeteria. a. I work late once a month. b. I sometimesworklate. a. Themanagers don'tgo to businessdinners at theweekend b. Themanagers nevergoto businessdinners at theweekend. a. Thecompany director travelsonbusinesstwice a week. b. Thecompany director oftentravelsonbusiness.

  16. C. Aninterviewerasksthreepeopleabouttheirtypicalday. listen and complete thistable

  17. Page 19 D. Workin pairs. Ask and answerthequestions in exercise C

  18. E. Workin pairs. Ask and answerthesequestions. Addyourownquestions • Howoften do youplaysports? I never do sport. • Howoften do you use a mobilephone? I always use mymobilephone. • Howoften do you drive to work? I always drive towork. • Howoften do yougo to a gym? I nevergo to a gym. • Howoften do youentertain at home? Sometimesonweekendsweentertain in family. • Howoften do yougoonbusinesstrips? I oftentravelforwork. • Howoften do yougoabroadonholiday? I neverhavetraveledgoabroad. • Howoften do youbuy a newspaper? SometimesI buya newspaper. • Howoften do yougotothe cinema? I oftengotothe cinema. • Howoften do youplay soccer?Sometimes I play soccer.

  19. LenguageFocus1 Page 25 A. Workin pairs, match thequestions (1-6) to theanswers (a -f) What do youthinkaboutthe new boss? What time doesthe meeting start? Wheredoesshelive? WhyDoes he needthemoney? Who do I report to? When do I finishwork? Peter. He'syour line manager He has to payforthe office party You can leave at five o' clock She'sveryefficient In thecity centre Itstarts at two o 'clock B. Putthesewords in thecorrectorder to makequestions Do theywork at theweekend? Does Pierre sales in work ? How Often do youtravelabroad? How do youspellbusiness? Whendoesthe meeting finish?

  20. C. Ask and answerthesequestions Whattime do youstartwork? I startworkat 9:30 a.m. When do youfinishthework? I finishwork at 7:00 p.m. Wheredo youwork? Iwork in London. Who do youreport to? I reportto theCustomerCare Manager Howoftendoesyouwork at theweekend? I alwaysworkonSaturdaymornings. D. Makenegativesentences. Use don'tordoesn't • l likemeetings, but I don'tlikepresentations. • Wewaste a lot of paper, butwedon'twasteelectricity. • Theyagreeaboutmostthings, buttheydon'tagreeaboutthemoney. • Susansends a lot of e-mails, butshedoesn'tsendsthefaxes. • Ourmanagementteamdiscussesbusinessstrategy, buttheydon'tdiscussestheemployeeproblems.

  21. E. Tickthesentencesthat are true foryou. Changetheotherones to makethem true. Thencompare and discussyoursentences in pairs I agreewithmy manager abouteverything. I agreewithmy manager aboutsomethigs I don'twork in teamsveryoften. I frequentlywork in teams. I always come to workontime. () I likegivingpresentations. () I nevertakework home in theeveningor at theweekend. I sometimestakework home in theeveningor at theweekend. Pag26 LenguageFocus2 A. Makesentencesaboutwhat Marco has and doesn'thave • Marco has a company car. He doesn'thave a sat-nav • Marco doesn'thaveaniphone. He has an iPad • Marco has aninterestingjob. He doesn'thave a highsalary • Marco doesn'thave a niceboss. He has somegreatcolleagues • Marco doesn'thave a desktop computer at work. He has a laptop

  22. B. Complete thesequestionswithdoeshave and do have Do youhave a new mobilephone? Whatkind of car doesshehave? Doesthecompanyhave a restaurant? Doalltheroomshave air conditioning? Do I have time to finishthis?

  23. Reading Page 9 Readthisarticle. Then complete chart below Fromsmalltown to global leader

  24. B. Decide whetherthesestatements are true or false . correctthe false ones Burberryisan American company Burberry is a global fashioncompany AllAhrendts'schildren are teenagers Theyare at school in America Mostmornings, Ahrendtsis up before 5.a.m Sheisawayonbusinessmostweeks Shehas a lot of interestsoutsidework ForAhrendts, keeping in contactwithrelativesisimportant It'sa British company Shehaveonedaugther 11 yearsold Theyare at an American schoolin London. Shetravelsonbusinessoneweek a month Shedoesn'thave time forotherthings.

  25. BUSINESS DIARY Eugene Kasperskyis CEO of KasperskyLab, theRussiansecurity software company. Thecompanyisbased in Moscow and has offices in 29 countries. Itsmaincompetitoris Symantec. Most of thecompany's sales are outsideRussia. Kasperskyspends 50% of his time in Moscow, buttheother 50% he travels. He isoftenawayfor more thanthreeweeks at a time . When he isaway, he attendsmeetings, goesto trade shows and sometimesgivespresentations. When he is in theoffice, he spends time talkinginformally to colleagues - at theirdesksor in thecompany restaurant. TheMoscowoffice islike a bigfamily. Manypeople in the office are friends. Somegoonholidaytogether. Everyonedressesinformally. Kasperskynormallywearsshirts and jeans, but he has a suitforimportantmeetingswithpresidents and prime ministers. In Moscow, he doesnotget up early , especiallyafter a businesstrip. “Onsomebusinesstrips, I onlygetthreeorfourhours, sleep a night, so I need to relax,” saysKaspersky. At theend of a busyMoscowoffice day, he goes to thegymwithhis personal trainer. It's a greatway to relax after a busyday in the office. If he can, he alsotakestwodays off a month. Holidays are importanttoo. “In winter, I goskiing. In thesummer, I oftengo to themountains, where I can't use the internet ormymobilephone . But I can get a satelliteconnection.”

  26. C. Answerthesequestions 1. IsKarperskya formal or informal CEO?. Karperskyis a formal CEO. 2. Is most of his business in Russia or in other countries?. The most of his business are in other countries. 3. Does he work 24/7 ( 24 hours a day, seven days a week)? He works a lot but when he is in Moscow he can relax after day. If he can, he also takes two day off a month.

  27. D. Decide whetherthesestatements are true (T) or false (F). Correctthe false ones Kasperkytravels a lot (T) He wears formal businessclothes in theoffice (F) He normallywearsshirts and jeans, but he has a suitforimportantmeetings. He gets up earlyeveryday (F) He doesn´tget up early in Moscow. Especiallyafter a businesstrip. He goes to thegymafterwork (T) He likes to have time to relax whenhe's in Moscow (T) He only has holidays in summer (F) He has holidays in winter and summer.

  28. E. In each box, match thewordsthatgotogether trip show day trainer trade business personal office attend Give spend go presentations skiing meetings time

  29. Page 24 Reading Whichof theseadjectives describe work in a call centre? Badlypaid Boring Interesting Noisy Quiet Relaxing Stressful Wellpaid Boring Noisy Stressful Wellpaid

  30. C. Look at the chart and Tick. Theproblemsthecall-centre workerstalkabout in thereplies. Whotalksabouteachproblem? WriteBirgit(B), viajay (V) orkevin (K)

  31. D. Whichthreephysicalproblems are mentioned in Birgit'sreply? Hearingproblems Backache Headaches E. Underlinethe adjetives fromexercise A in thereplies Badlypaid – Boring – Interesting – Noisy – Quiet – Relaxing - Stressful - Wellpaid

  32. Page 8 Listening A. Jeremy Keeleyis a consultant. Listen to himintroducinghimself in thefirstpart of the interview and decide whetherthesestatement are true or false. Correctthe false ones He lives in london He has threeveryyoungchildren He runshisownbusiness Hisbusinessworksfororganisationsacrossthe USA and Asia He helpsleadersbecomebetterleaders He alwaysshakeshandswhen he meetspeople He lives in England He havethreeteenagerschildren HisbusinessworksfororganisationsacrosstheUK and in Europe

  33. Page 8 B. Listen to thesecondpart. Complete what Jeremy saysabout meeting new businesscontacts and exchangingbusinesscards. I usuallysay, Hello, howare you?. Where do you come from?, Whatdo you do?. I usuallyfindoutwhat'simportant to them, whythey'rethere . I usuallywaituntilthey'veasked me a questionbefore I talktoomuchaboutmyself. I usuallywaituntilthepersonI'm meeting offers me a businesscardbefore I offerthem mine, so we'llexchangethem at thatpoint.

  34. Listening Page 18 A. Listen to thefirstpart of an interview with Ros Pomeroy. Whatdoesshelikemostaboutherjob? Shelikesmostaboutherjobthatalwaysdo differentsthings B. Listen again and complete these notes • Ros can be: • In meetings • Runninga workshop or a discussion • In herownoffice in front of a computerscreen • Onthephone

  35. C. Listen to thesecondpart of the interview and answerthesequestions 1. Whattwothingssometimesmakeitdifficult to findenough time forleisure? Someweekssheworksverylonghours and has teenagerschildren. 2. Overall, Does Ros haveenough time forleisure? Yes, shethinkshaveenough time forleisure D. In pairs, predictwhat Ros likesdoing to relax • Maybeherlikes to run or do sports • Spendtime withtheirchildren • She spends a lot of time reading the newspaper E. listen to the final part and checkyouranswers

  36. Page 23 Listening A. Jeremy Keeley, a specialist in changeleadership, talksaboutproblems he has at work. Listen to thefirstpart of the interview and decide whetherthesestatements are true or false . Correctthe false ones 1. Jeremy oftenworkswith a largenumber of people 2. Hisclientshave quite complicatedproblems 3. Jeremy'sbiggestproblemishavingenough time to do a goodjob 4. He also faces urgentrequestsforhelpwhen he isalreadyverybusy He runshisownbusiness.

  37. B. Listen to thesecondpart, in which Jeremy talksaboutthebiggestproblems in companies, and complete thesenotes. 1. Biggestproblem - amount of changetheyhave to gothrough at speed 2. Secondproblem - difficult to plan theirneeds and resources(staff, equipment, property,moneytheyneed to satisfytheircustomers) 3. Anotherproblem - customersexpectthem to reduce prices at thesame time as companieshaveincreasingcosts.

  38. Page 13 Actividad: A jobfair in Singapore Task. Ejercicio 2. Imagine youhave time to talk to onlyone of candidates. Decide whichpersonyouwant to meet. A: I wouldlike to talk to Cindy Tan because I want to knowwhysheapplyforthe post of Assistant Sales Manager in thiskind of compañy. ¿Howthiswork can contribute to herprofession? B: I don´tagree. I wouldlike to talk to DacidChogbecause I thinkthat he could be hired. Ejercicio 3. Youmeet at thejobfair and talkaboutthe sales position. A: ¿Where are you come from? B: I come from Cali – Valle. A: Why do youwantthisjob? B: Because I want to haveexperience and contribute to thecompañymyknowledge

  39. A: ¿What are yourbestquality? B: I am responsible. A: ¿What are yourfavorite film or televisión programme? B: I like to watch tv programme Lie to me. A: ¿Why are youlikethe televisión programme? B: Because I like to learnabout human behavior.

  40. Page 17 C. Writea paragraphliketheone in exercise B aboutyourself I am Sebastián Bedoya, I am 33 yearsold, I wasborn in Cali but 10 yearago I cameto Bogotá becausemycompañywas moved. NowI am studyingProductionEngineering in EANUniversity, I haveonedaugther, sheis 5 yearsold. I work as HSEQ Director at LAVANSER companytwoyears ago. I wouldliketotravelto USA thisyeartovisitOrlando´sParks.