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  1. SUPER MARIO BROS In this presentation, you will learn about the original super mario bros that was played on the nintendo.

  2. The Object Of The Game! Super Mario Bros is a 1985 platform game. The object of this game is to rescue Princess Peach from Bowsers Castle. On your way, you will run into owls, mushrooms, fire piranha plants, bouncing and flying turtles. All of these characters try to slow you down and keep you from saving Princess Peach. You also have to defeat a lot of bosses such as bowser and some of the characters in his castle. When you are in his castle there are fire balls thrown at you and fly out from the lava. Also when you think you have finished the level there are plenty more. The game never ends and if it does no one has ever found it.

  3. Videos and Pictures! Click here to watch epic video!

  4. Nintendo EA4 • You play the original Super Mario Bros on Nintendo EA4. It is a very old system which is always grey and has rectangular controllers. The Nintendo came out in the year 1985. It is a very funny looking console. This was the first series of Super Mario Bros but now it can be played on almost anything! Such as the Wii, Dsi, Ds, 3Ds, PlayStation and more. There are now different types of the game such as Mario carts but only the Nintendo EA4.

  5. Mario & Luigi  • Mario is a short, chubby Italian. He always wears red overalls and a matching red baseball cap that has the letter M on it. His friend Luigi dresses the same but in green and instead of a M on the hat there is a L. Of course the letters are for the beginning of the names. Luigi is the total opposite in looks compared to Mario. For example Luigi is tall and skinny unlike Mario. They both are male but there are some female characters in the game.

  6. Character traits! Mario is very helpful, nice, caring , determined, friendly, athletic, clever, and brave guy. Luigi on the other hand is daring, helpful, athletic, loyal, generous, sincere, kind, and just truly amazing!

  7. Is Mario Suitable for Your Children? This game is not inappropriate and is suitable for all ages kids and adults. There are no stereotypes in this game or racism. It is not hurtful to men or woman, has very good language, and Mario is not even mean to the bad guys. He does not swear or do anything fairly mean to them beside defeat. But then again you have to kill any bad guys in any video games to win or you would not have one. There is no signs of Homophobia and people who have special needs (physically, mentally) or not portrayed negatively but or not included in this game. Mario is just perfect for all ages.

  8. Research Shows that…… Research shows that Mario is a great game for all ages and has no negative messages. It was the best game of its time until Wii sports took the title. I agree with the ratings and information about how it is a great game . Also it is the least amount of violence. On a scale to 1 and 10 it would be a 0 or 1 for the violence in this game. Its truly amazing and I am happy with the ratings of this game. 

  9. A Very Important Lesson From Mario! • Mario teaches a very important lesson in this game. That lesson is to never give up on your goals because in the end you will receive what you have been looking for all this time. Remember how hard it gets you have to stay how you were….determined. Just keep swimming! It will all end soon and something good will come out of it.

  10. Addiction! I think I was about 6 when I started playing this game. I have played around 100 hours my whole life. I think you are never too young to play. Mario is a very fun game but it is tricky not to get addicted to it. I am addicted because I play it a lot and more than any other game. It is so fun that when I start playing I cant stop. I also played it a lot because I can play it with anybody even a baby cousin because of the limited level of violence. Why did they have to make Mario so perfect?

  11. Why Is Mario My Favorite? Super Mario Bros is my favorite video game because it has so many levels, has no violence, music is catchy, can play with anyone, it is easy, and how I can go into ‘side levels.’ Side levels are when you are still completing a level but go to a place where there is more coins or that can unlock a new level.

  12. Hope you enjoyed our project about Mario and love it just as much as we do! It is an amazing and extraordinary game that was very popular back in its day! It still is popular but as you know Wii sports took the title. Keep Playing Super Mario Bros!

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