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  1. PRIMARY HEALTH CARE Review Questions for the Board Exam

  2. The features of PHC • Accessible C. Affordable • Acceptable D, All of the above The approach to optimum health in 2000 and beyond A. Medical care C. Primary Health care B. Secondary care D.Socialized care The intermediate level workers, as defined by PHC • Public health midwife • Trained health volunteers • Medical doctor • Public health nurse

  3. The first contact of the community to the health chain, as defined by the PHC system is the • Intermediate level health workers • Hospital personnel • Village health worker • Barangay captain This is the first stage in trying to establish an authentic PHC system • Organizing the community to understand their health problems • Providing essential health services • Training the people in the community as health workers • Tapping the traditional leaders The key point of PHC is: • Increase budgetary allocation on health • High technology at all levels of health care • Community participation • Increase information dissemination through mass media

  4. These health facilities, manned by midwives provide preventive and promotive services at the community level • PHC communities • Barangay health station • Primary hospitals • Community hospitals This strategic approach to health care delivery is universally adopted by national and local health units • Referral system • Primary health care • Public-Private sector participation • Local legislation of national program Appropriate technology includes • All traditional providers of health care • Use of herbal medicines and indigenous healing methods • Exclusion of western technologies • Experimental healing modalities

  5. PHC requires decentralization which means: • Reallocation of budget resources • Re-orientation of health professionals • Neither • Both Intersectoral coordination is necessary because: • Community needs may not be primarily medical in nature • Other agencies may respond better to the local problem • Health resources are generally inadequate • All of the above

  6. Communities can participate in PHC by • Defining their problems and setting their priorities • Planning PHC activities • Being involved in the assessment of their health situation • All of the above The essential health care services provided by PHC has the following characteristic • Acceptable • Accessible • Community based • All of the above

  7. The principal and unique strategy of PHC is • Empowerment of the people • Holistic health care delivery • Teamwork among health personnel • Socialization of health care • Complete autonomy in local health efforts A community based health program means • Only the community resources are utilized • The community is involved in the planning and implementation of the program • The program is completely independent from the national government • No outside assistance is utilized

  8. The following measures has the greatest impact on community health, Except? • Provision of social services • Provision of potable water supply • Immunization • Medical care of the sick Best group to identify and prioritize community health problems • Health workers • Community residents • Social workers • Consultants

  9. In the rural health clinic, the first contact of the patient are the • Physicians C. Midwives • Nurses D. Sanitary inspectors Basic health services means that: • There is provision for referral service to higher level of health care • There are services without the need of specialist • These are provided by both medical and paramedical personnel • All of the above.

  10. PHC team is composed of • Interdisciplinary composition of the community • Office of the Secretary of health • Provincial health officer and staff • Municipal health officer and staff PHC delivery system • Brings health care closer to the people • Maximize utilization of resources through integration of health facilities • Implementing community linkages through allocation of health centers in the barangays • All of the above