express your love to your skin express your love n.
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Body Lotion Applicator PowerPoint Presentation
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Body Lotion Applicator

Body Lotion Applicator

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Body Lotion Applicator

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  1. Express your love to your skin Express your love to your skin

  2. Usually, people remember to put oil in their machines to keep them smooth but hardly apply lotion at the back of their body. The makers behind body lotion applicator understand the uncomforting feeling while in office or college. The itching does not remain focused on its work. The availability of lotion applicator encourages one to pay equal attention to its back like its face. The smooth soft feeling at the back makes one happy also.

  3. There lays no need to carry a pouch of cream to your salon, spa, pool or gym. You can apply lotion or cream to your back whenever you want. The long handle of the body lotion applicator helps the user to apply cream from any arm position. The back is not the limitation; proper care can be done to your arms, feet, legs, and calves. Taking care of your body not only makes you look beautiful but you feel amazing confidence in you and start looking at the positive side of life. Its pad absorbs only that quality of lotion that the user needs. This feature is great for your pocket also.