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3 Common Problems with Hearing Aids

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3 Common Problems with Hearing Aids

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  1. 3 Common Problems with Hearing Aids Clear sounds, meaningful conversations and self-confidence. Yes, your humble hearing aid is your trusted companion that opens the gateways to a new world of sounds. However, like every other appliance, even your hearing aid could pose some hurdles. In such cases, the simple solution lies in not panicking and fixing the problem. So, here are 3 common problems that you might encounter with your hearing aids and the solutions too: 1.If the hearing aids make a whistling sound or sound is distorted – Reduce the volume setting as you may have set the volume to high. Alternately, insert the ear mould properly. Also, you could get your ear canal checked for accumulation ear wax. 2.If the sound is weak or there is no sound – Check the microphone for clogging and keep the sound outlet clean. Always clean microphone with a brush. In some cases the battery may be worn out or the wax filter may require a change. 3.If your hearing aid seems ‘dead’ – Ensure that you have turned it on and set to “M” setting and do check the batteries too. Corroded batteries may also cause distortion in sounds. If, even after performing the above checks your hearing aid is not working, then it is advisable to take it to the audiology clinic for service check. It is pertinent to take your loved ones to hearing aid services centre of repute so that you can get the best of services and treatment. For instance, the Hyderabad- based Digital Diagnostic Hearing clinic at www.hearingsolutions.in offers two-year warrantee against manufacturing defect on all devices with a cooperative after-sales service. So, help your loved ones gain confidence and improve the quality of life with hearing aids from trusted audiology centers.

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