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H C H. HIGHGROVE CORPORATE HOLDINGS. Group Profile. HIGHGROVE Transaction Principle. Real Estate Asset Operators, Users .

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  2. HIGHGROVE Transaction Principle Real EstateAsset Operators, Users Acquisitions, Strategy Equity Participation Transaction Structuring Co-Investments PARTNERS Financial Institutions

  3. HIGHGROVE - Overview • Highgrove is a financial advisory and investment group • Highgrove is privately owned and managed • Highgrove was established in 1998 • Highgrove has an extensive network of strategic cooperation partners rather than own offices to benefit from the best resources available • Highgrove provides confidentiality, partnership value and successful management experience by its directors of over 50 years • Highgrove has extensive relationships with its Corporate clients, investors and finance partners and plays a continuing multi-project role • Highgrove provides innovative solutions to its business partners and follows its partners through continuing participation in its transactions • Highgrove although engaging in many different industries offers particular breath of experience and involvement in the Hospitality and Entertainment and Retail industry and particularly in international development, acquisitions, finance and real estate.

  4. HIGHGROVE - Philosophy •  Strong Relationships • Highgrove focuses on serving a limited number of transactions from a long term perspective • We insist on the highest standards of confidentiality • Our directors make themselves available at all times • We provide Strategies,Transaction structures and Negotiating tactic •  Local Management Expertise • Highgrove has developed strong relationships with key management and consulting partners in several European countries • As a general rule assignments will be provided in cooperation with an in-country partner with extensive local experience • To maintain well developed client‘s relationships transaction procedures will be networked through Highgrove to its partners •  Co-investments and Equity participations • We act as entrepreneurs and intent to take equity participations in each of transactions • We grow because we understand the business we are involved and we are committed to it • We are international as we deal and cooperate only with like-minded multinational people

  5. HIGHGROVE – Business Focus • Portefolio -Transaction – Risk Strategy Diversification of projects, industries, partners, locations, operators, maturities, financing, use of learning curve, repeated and standardized transactions, • Financial – Partner – Administration Strategy Interest rate and currency basket mix and coverage, strong agreements and financial construction, frame agreements with partners, international lessees and operators, quality locations and projects, built in substance and reserves • Geograpgical Strategy Countries, City vs. Urban locations, home grounds strategy with partners, mixture between matured-slow growing economies and emerging markets, focus on Europe and home grounds • Return – Income – Expense Strategy Strong B/S, long term leases, fixed indexed income, high returns through opportunity dealings, low overhead, partnership spirit, outsourcing of services, standardized administration, investment consideration rather than development and trading

  6. HIGHGROVE - Transaction Profile •  Types of Transaction • Search for Targets and Approach selected Targets • Acquisitions • Real Estate Development • Structuring of Transactions and Negotiation of Terms and Conditions • Platform Buildings for International Expansions • Strategic Issues •  Areas of particular Interest and Strengths • Hospitality Industry, Entertainment Industry, Retail Industry • Corporate and Commercial Real Estate • Asset Restructuring • Asset Securitisation and Real Estate backed Financing •  Investment criteria • Stringent investment process • Mitigation of risks and save returns • Preset hurdle rates • Keep investments on our own books rather than placing them with other investors

  7. HIGHGROVE - Risk Strategy

  8. HIGHGROVE - Corporate Organisation

  9. HIGHGROVE - Relationships • Highgrove’s cooperations focuses on local partners in order to secure specific market knowledge and local relationships for the best benefits • Highgrove’s partners are highly specialized and offer the highest degree of flexibility through personalized services • Highgrove’s local cooperation and network give us access to local manpower and capacities, specialist know-how and all connections required to successfully serve our needs • Highgrove’s well established network with cooperation partners in most European countries as well as in the U.S. give us access to offices in - London - Milan - Berlin - New York - Paris - Madrid - Hamburg - Los Angeles - Brussels - Rome - Munich - Dublin - Prag - Brno - Bratislava - Zagreb • Highgrove’s partners hold leading positions in their respective industries and markets and seek tailor-made solutions. They include major national and international companies and investors in major industries such as Hotels & Lodging, Retail, Real Estate, Construction & Developing, Financial, Insurance, Industrial products • Highgrove’s relationships are long term rather relationships minded than single transactions oriented

  10. HIGHGROVE –Partners, Directors • Wolfgang W. Heinl Wolfgang, 62, a lawyer, is commercial council with offices in London and Dublin. He holds numerous board representations in various industries and is the group legal partner and acts as advisor to various governments. • Dr. Friedrich Heigl Fritz, 58, a banker for more than 23 years with US and European institutions held for more than 10 years various positions as CEO of European banks in the US. He is responsible for originating and structuring the groups transactions in Europe mainly in the retail and hospitality field • Heinrich Heigl Heinrich, 66, a technican, well experienced in technical construction and security supplies, based in Vienna, former owner of a security supply and alarm company. • Dhiraj Makwana Dhiraj, 47, an accountant by background holds a degree in accountancy of University of Edinborough. His tasks include all analytical and computerized investment analysis, accounting and controlling responsibilities.

  11. HIGHGROVE CORPORATE HOLDINGS GROUP Highgrove Corporate Holdings Limited Nr. 1 Main Street, Blessington, Co Wicklow, Ireland Tel.: +353 45 865 266 Fax: +353 45 865 065 Highgrove Corporate Holdings Limited St. John‘s Chambers, Klaco House 2nd floor, 28-30 St. John‘s Square London EC1M 4DN, UK Tel.: +44-(870) 600 9444 Fax: +44-(020) 7681 1602 E-mail: office@highgrovegroup.com Website: www.highgrovegroup.com

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