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Mendham Township School District

Mendham Township School District

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Mendham Township School District

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  1. MendhamTownship School District Substitute Training 2011-2012 School Year

  2. Substitute Teachers are a Vital Part of our School System MendhamTownship School District Every Student Every Day! Commitment to Excellence

  3. Substitute Calling • How Teachers Call for Substitutes • For a Personal or Professional day staff calls sub line upon submitting paperwork. • For illness or emergency staff calls by 9pm the night before or by 6 am the morning • The Sub Line Phone Numbers • Elementary School 973-543-7107 X 500 • Middle School 973-543-7107 X 600 • Times the Sub Line is Checked • We check the sub line at 6 a.m. and 9 p.m. • NOTE: If you are scheduled to sub and have an emergency, call the sub line before 9 the night before or before 6 the day of to notify us.

  4. Notifications and Payroll • How the Substitute Coordinators Make Calls • We call subs as needed and may leave a message if there is no answer; however, we will continue to call people until we secure a sub. • How You Notify the Substitute Callers in an Emergency • If you are unable to fulfill your obligation and it is prior to the times we check the sub line, call the sub line and leave a message. • If the 6 am deadline has passed on the day you are substituting, call the appropriate sub coordinator’s cell phone • Elementary School- Deb Nisivoccia 973-342-8447 • Middle School – Terry Ensminger 973-978-9699 • Payroll & Time Sheets • We turn our time sheets in on Fridays • Paychecks are issued on the 15th and the last day of the month • Payroll is processed a week or so before the paychecks are issued

  5. Expectations of Substitutes • Arrival Times • Please arrive at least 5 minutes before you assume responsibility for students • Elementary School Hours: 8:40 am – 3:45 pm • Middle School Hours : 8:05 am – 3:05 pm • Work Day Responsibilities • The building secretary will notify you of your assignment upon arrival to school. No work assignment is guaranteed • You will receive a lunch, and a break during the day. There is NO guaranteed Prep Period. Lunch and Recess duties may be applicable. • Students must be attended to at all times, if an emergency arises CALL the office and coverage will be provided. • DO NOT LEAVE THE CLASS OR CHILDREN UNATTENDED!!!!! • Lesson Plans • Obtain sub folder from building secretary • Lesson plans will be provided • Return the substitute folder to the office upon leaving • Make every attempt to follow the lesson plans provided

  6. Other Information • Leaving the Building • Notify the front office if you have to leave the building during a break or lunch. This is important for safety and security reasons. • Please be accessible via cell phone if you leave. • Please return prior to your next teaching assignment-Check back in with the office. • Personal Communication (cell phones, computers) • No use of cell phones, school phones, or computers for personal business during teaching periods. • Please do not conduct professional business during assigned teaching or duty periods (example: business deals, returning professional calls, working on private business paperwork, organizing, tutoring etc.) • Confidentiality • While substituting, you are an employee of Mendham Township School District, please protect the privacy rights of all students, staff, and school district information. • Please do not discuss any students or staff with outside friends, family, community members, or with other district staff.

  7. Classroom Procedures • Attendance • Elementary School: There is a class list in each substitute folder. Circle any absent students and send the form to the office with any other notes from students or parents. Tardies should be noted on the teacher’s lesson plans. • Middle School: Attendance is entered in Powerschool during homeroom. In the event that a secondary teacher is not there to help, you may use the homeroom list in the subfolder and send a list to the office. • Discipline • For simple offences, such as talking or being off-task the substitute should redirect the student. • For greater offences such as disrespect, arguing, fighting etc. the student or students should be sent to the office. • Call the office • Middle School Ext: 221 or 222 • Elementary School Ext:366

  8. Special Needs • Assisting students with Special Needs • The sub folder or teachers plans should specify if any accommodations are needed for a particular student. If there is a question on any accommodations, please call the office discretely and we will obtain a clarification for you. • Health Issues • Any high-risk students should be identified in the sub folder. • Contact the nurse if a student is experiencing a reaction or is seriously ill. • Send the student to the nurse if the incident is minor. • Call for assistance for an emergency • Elementary School Nurse Ext. 222 • Middle School Nurse Ext. 226 • Discretion and Confidentiality • Discretion and Confidentiality are a must at all times!!!!

  9. Emergency Procedures • Crisis Response • Please review the Crisis Response Manual (Red Flipchart) in classroom under Student Safety for specific situations. Review this during a planning period so you can be prepared! You are responsible for our students during an emergency. If you have to evacuate the building in an emergency, maintain accountability of all students-keep your attendance lists with you. • Contacts • Elementary School: Front Office ext. 251 • Middle School Front Office ext. 221 or 222 • Fire Drills • Follow fire drill procedures in sub folder. • Evacuate building according to the fire drill map in the classroom • Account for all children (take attendance list with you) • Wait for all clear. • Lock Downs • Lock Down information is in the Sub Folder, the first time you sub please see the building secretary and sign off that you have read and understand the lockdown procedures. Do not remove the Lockdown Procedures from the building!!

  10. High Risk Behaviors Reporting High Risk Behaviors or Remarks If you see or hear anything that causes concern, please bring it to the attention of the school principal, the Main Office Staff, the Nurse or the Guidance Counselor. We can then refer the situation to the appropriate staff member.

  11. Next Step To complete this orientation process, all substitute teachers must visit the following web page and complete an online questionnaire at… If you do not have access to a computer please feel free to participate online at either the Elementary School or Middle School.