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  1. PowerPoint • Title Page • Introduction • Pictures and Text • Video • References • Quizz or Trivia • Credits • Working Pairs • Research • Charts • Saving

  2. Titles • TITLE - Your first slide should be your title page. 44 pt is a good size for titles. Include: • your title,  • b) your name at the bottom,  • c) and perhaps a picture or your own paint drawing or animation. • d) Add background music if you want

  3. The Stanley Cup By : Justin Katchmar

  4. Calgary Roughnecks by: Dillon Croshaw

  5. Horses By:Brielle Zolinsky

  6. Introduction • You will need to introduce your topic to the rest of the class. Don’t start with details. • Why it is important to you or to us • Why you choose the topic you did • Something to get their interest

  7. Rookie years Bobby Orr was the greatest defenseman that ever played the sport hockey. He was also an outstanding rookie.

  8. What is Evanescence? Evanescence is a rock band with an epic, dramatic twist. Their lyrics may be dark and painful, but really have a positive message. Their message is to let people know that they aren’t the only ones who are in pain or experiencing new things. The word “Evanescence” means: A dissipation or disappearance like vapor

  9. Looking For a Career When Justin was about 20 years old he started singing in a boys band called Nsync. The group Nsync had with 5 people, and Justin was the lead singer.

  10. What is Leo? Leo is one of the 12 zodiac signs. The other signs are virgo, libra, scorpio, sagittarius, aries, aquarius, pisces, capricorn, taurus, gemini, and cancer.

  11. Pictures and Text • Keep the size of your text fairly large, at least 24 pt or 28 pt. Most pictures should have some text, most text should have some pictures. Remove the hyperlinks from your pictures. • Title - pictures - textUse this order for each slide. You can read the text while everyone looks at the pictures and title. Do not animate the title. • Custom animation makes the slideshow more interesting to watch. Too much animation will slow down your ppt. • Do not copy text from the internet and paste it into your presentation. Paraphrase things into your own words.

  12. Tales of the cup • A cartoon reflecting the forgetfulness of the 1923-24 Montreal Canadiens. The 1904-05 Ottawa Silver Seven • Guy Lafleur with team mate Steve Shutt during their Stanley Cup Parade.

  13. Hard Hitting action Here you see a guy being sandwiched in between two roughnecks players.

  14. Trivia How many fights was Calgary’s sniper Jarome Iginla involved in from 1998-99 to 2002-03? A. Iginla had no fights to his credit. B. Five Fights C. 10 Fights D. More that 15 fights

  15. Trivia Out of these three players who has the most points in their careers? What two players share the Captain position? A) Daniel Briere and JP Dumont. A) JP Dumont B) JP Dumont and Chris Drury. B) Daniel Briere C) Chris Drury C) Chris Drury and Daniel Briere.

  16. Trivia, Trivia, Trivia When was Patrick Roy born? a) October 19 b) October 5 c) January 29 d) February 3

  17. More Trivia • James Blunt’s song, “Goodbye My Lover” was written in a chair. True or False? False! This song was written in a bathroom, as well as recorded in the same bathroom.

  18. Quiz • Who or what is Buffalo Bill? A) A buffalo B) Some Dude Answer C) A famous cowboy D) Father of Chuck Norris

  19. Before and After Britney Spears has definitely has change.From Small town girl, to pop star. Before After

  20. AquaEyes Aqua Eyes Aqua Eyes are almost blue but they have blue in them. They are not as common as blue eyes, but a lot of people have them. Particularly white people.

  21. Kinds of horses Over 200 kinds of horses in the world Appaloosa Quarter horse Exmoor Pony thoroughbred

  22. Awards She has won many awards in the past years. In 1998 she won an ALMA Award for best actor in a motion picture for Selena. In 2002 she won an ALMA award for best Female Artist of the Year.

  23. Brian Griffin • He is the smartest of the Griffin Family and Peters best friend • He is an alcoholic and a smoker • He can talk • He has a secret crush for Lois and Stewie is his enemy

  24. What are planetary nebulas? Planetary nebulas are stars that have exploded that had planets around it.The gases that are around it are ionized hydrogen and carbon dioxide. This is a picture of the Little Ghost Nebula.

  25. Castles Castles were used for protection against enemy forces. Castle walls were sometimes as thick as 30 feet, and towers as high as 100 feet. Mountain passes and lake islands are two safe places to build a castle.

  26. Diagram This is a diagram of a sea urchin.

  27. Leo’s likes and dislikes These are Leo’s likes and dislikes… LikesDislikes -being outside -being cooped up -being active -being bored -sincere compliments -being laughed at -fashionable clothes -last years trends

  28. About is the one in the middle He was born March 15 1975. is the one who made the Hip-Hop group. Now he is working on a solo debut. This text is all over the page.

  29. Mia Hamm Mia Hamm helps out many different causes. Her brother Garrett died of aplastic anemia a type of bone marrow disease.After her brother died she wanted to make the world aware of this disease and started the Mia Hamm Foundation to help research Bone Marrow Disease. She also spends her time with charity causes. She is a good role model for kids of any age because she doesn’t smoke or do drugs like other celebrities. She also inspires people to follow their dreams no matter how far fetched they seem. Too much text, too hard to read.

  30. Video • Don't waste too much time looking for video, because they are hard to find and they have to be in the .avi format.

  31. Gymnastics • The parallel bars also known as the P bars are two bars that are parallel to each other • In a routine you do swings, releases, and a dismount

  32. Gif Animations You can make your own gif animations too!

  33. References • State the complete internet addresses of the websites you use for: • information, pictures, sound files, or video files, • Also state the author and titles of books or magazines. • Put your references into 1 textbox.

  34. References

  35. References Use 1 text box to hold all of your references.

  36. References horses.gif rodeo_barrel_black_l.jpg rodeo.gif rodeo.jpg v2n10/scr-front-ro... images/sarah07.jpg images/riding.jpg photo__1_.gif images/homeimage.jpg images/horses.jpg j/Thoroughbred.jpg images/a-z/q/ TA%20Fi

  37. References .

  38. References www.50cent .com/ www.G References should cite a specific location.

  39. References References These are google search results

  40. Credits Title one slide Credits. Ask other students for help in adding special features to your presentation. Give thanks to those students who helped you with the technical stuff and to those who helped you by offering their opinions and suggestions for improvement. This page is optional.

  41. Credits And I thank… Emily D Stacey P Christina W Meaghan F Rachelle B And… Mr. MacIntyre

  42. Credits Ok. First of all I’d like to thank Mr. Macintyre for teaching us how to make these super cool Powerpoints. I’d also like to thank my friend Aryn for providing me with the music for my Powerpoint and also for teaching me how to put the music on (once she learned from Mr. Macintyre that is) I’d like to thank my friend Stacey for talking to me and keeping me from becoming completely lost in Cyberspace. Next I’d like to thank all of the other people in the world who like Beyblade and who made web pages with with pictures and information on the Bladebreakers. And finally I’d like to thank myself for being so into Beyblade and for learning how to make a Powerpoint.

  43. Working With a Partner • Pairs get first choice of topics as a group • Sit beside each other so you can discuss ideas • Each work on your own computer.Each make your own slides, but add slides together at the end to make one .ppt. INSERT slides from files • Each keep track of references, but add together at end • Use SLIDE SORTER to arrange the correct order

  44. Research • Star Phoenix will give local ideas and opinions • Other newspapers will give a Canadian slant • Magazine searches on Infotrac : Kids Infobits, Kids Edition, Junior Edition, Student Edition • Use quotation marks for phrases • Try different words and phrases • Use advanced search to limit useless articles

  45. Charts You might want to put numbers into a chart. % Catfood 3 has the highest percentage of fish and meat in it.

  46. Saving your .ppt • Save the .ppt file to your computer under: • M:\12345\ • Create your own ppt. folder. • Save all of your files into this folder: pictures, sound files, animations, etc. • Save your work often. (every 10 minutes) • Show your partner where these files are saved.