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After Market Car Products

After Market Car Products. By: Bart Wagner & Shane Walterhoefer. Growth of Products. Over recent years car products have boomed Now it is uncommon to drive down the street and not see a car with some kind of after market product

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After Market Car Products

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  1. After Market Car Products By: Bart Wagner & Shane Walterhoefer

  2. Growth of Products • Over recent years car products have boomed • Now it is uncommon to drive down the street and not see a car with some kind of after market product • However technology such as GPS systems, Audio, and Entertainment systems have made the biggest impact

  3. GPS • Global positioning systems can help guide a person to their destination whether they are on land, in the air, or on the water • There are Global Positioning System satellites in orbit all around the Earth • These satellites transmit signals to the GPS receivers on the ground

  4. GPS Continued • Systems will only work outdoors, and will work poorly in heavily forested areas, tunnels, etc • Never the less, GPS has provided people with a new way of finding their way around while driving • No longer do people have to waste their time looking at those gigantic road maps while driving

  5. GPS • There are many different types of GPS devices in production today that range in price, size, and intelligence • Some can be as low as $100 or over $1000 • The screens can be 2” or 10”, and be colored or black and white • Also, some systems may have more roads or places in their device. • For example, one device may have a certain McDonald’s but the other does not

  6. GPS • No matter what type of system one may have GPS has made driving much easier and convenient • No more pulling over and asking for directions • Also, car rental companies have begun putting GPS in their cars which makes life much easier for people when they travel

  7. GPS • GPS allows a person to read what road they are on without looking for a sign, and they can also put in their destination and the system will give them directions • Also, some GPS have audio where the system will speak the directions to the driver either through the car speakers or through its own speaker (this is very useful because the driver never has to look at the screen, they can just listen while driving

  8. Problems • GPS systems are great and very useful, but they are not perfect • The systems do not pick up when there is construction or traffic • GPS navigational systems can also distract drivers and cause them to not pay attention to the road • The driver may be paying to much attention to the screen instead of the road

  9. Other Technology • GPS is not the only thing that can enhance someone’s driving, there are audio and entertainment systems which have become incredibly more enhance over the years

  10. Accessories In Early Cars • When cars where first developed they were just a means for transportation making it easier to get from one place to another • designers realized that their cars would sell better if they made them more comfortable for the driver and the passengers • making the seats softer and fit better to the shape of the passengers in the car to allow for a easier ride

  11. First Car Accessories • decided to place radios in cars along with 8 Track players • simple audio speakers Sony Car 8 track Quad Player

  12. Speakers and Subwoofers • out factory speakers and replacing them with high end sound producers • Subwoofers and amplifiers to power them • Subs are usually between 8 and 12 inches • Amps usually range from 150 to 500 watts

  13. Accessories • Taking out factory head unit and putting a 7 inch touch screen fold out monitor • TV monitors are being placed every where you can think of • Tiny monitors have been placed on rear view mirrors, side mirrors, and even on the driver’s steering wheel

  14. Hazards • Monitors in cars where placed there to entertain the passengers • They are creeping more into the drivers view • Loud car sound systems can distract a driver

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