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Unit 7

Unit 7. Objectives:. The infinitive preceded by a wh -word used as the object The infinitive used as a postponed object in the pattern It takes (so much time) to do something The bare infinitive used as the object complement

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Unit 7

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  1. Unit 7

  2. Objectives: • The infinitive preceded by a wh-word used as the object • The infinitive used as a postponed object in the pattern It takes (so much time) to do something • The bare infinitive used as the object complement • The –ing participle used as the object in the pattern Would you mind…?

  3. Language Structure Practice(1课时) • LSP 1 • Asking for information about what to do • Expressing gratitude • LSP 2 • Asking for and giving information about the length of time needed for an action • LSP 3 • Asking for and giving information about something that is likely to be seen or heard • LSP 4 • Requesting somebody to do something • Expressing willingness to do as requested

  4. Dialogue 1 Broad questions Questions on specific details Main idea Language teaching points and practice Dialogue 2 Likes, dislikes and preferences Substitution practice Dialogues (2课时)

  5. Language Points • 1. alienate v. bring about a separation in feeling and sympathy. • e.g. we’d better not alienate ourselves from the colleagues. • alien a. belonging to another country or race; foreign • alienation n. • 2. envious a. feeling or showing envy • She was envious of her sister’s beauty. • envy v. n. / jealous • 3. smashv. break into pieces violently and noisily; defeat, destroy • she lost control of her car and smashed into a tree. • This unexpected news smashed all his hopes. • 4. accordinglyad. In accordance; correspondingly • we must work out a plan and act accordingly. • he was asked to leave and accordingly he went.

  6. Reading 1 Sample questions New words and phrases Language teaching points Reading 2 Sample questions Language teaching points Readings (2课时)

  7. Useful words and expressions 1.  in sb’s presence: with sb, in the same place as sb • 2.giggle: laugh quietly in a silly way, like a child, because sth is funny; • 3.coax:  persuade sb to do sth by talking to them in a kind, gentle, patient way • (pattern) coax sb into doing sth/ coax sb to do sth • eg, coax the child into taking medicine • 4. An impulse to write would flash through me, …(para): All of a sudden, I felt a strong desire to write. impulse: sudden strong desire to do sth before thinking whether it is sensible; eg, Don’t act on impulse.(be driven by impulse to do sth)

  8. Guided Writing (1课时) • Paragraph writing • A thank-you note : • --- expressing our gratitude • --- showing our pleasure at the gift • --- showing our appreciation of the sender’s consideration.

  9. Assignment • 1. Guided writing • 2. Exercises in WB

  10. Background Information * A Nation On The Wheel * Drive-ins *Ball games in Olympics

  11. When they first made their bumpy arrival on the American street scene in the early 1900s, automobiles were considered fussy toys for the rich and famous. Their cost and impracticality made them inaccessible for the average American. Henry Ford was the first to understand that while most Americans couldn‘t afford a car, virtually all of them wanted one. His Model T brought the automobile to middle class citizens and was the beginning of America’s love affair with its cars。 A Nation On The Wheel ---Car Culture in America I

  12. A Nation On The Wheel ---Car Culture in America II • In the 1950s, the post-war boom produced a generation of teenagers with enough income to buy their own cars. These cars became so much more than just modes of transportation. They were reflections of a lifestyle. The ability to tune and soup-up muscle cars gave average Joes the opportunity to show off their power, their speed and their style in a way that personified the car as character

  13. A Nation On The Wheel ---Car Culture in America III Cars began to pervade American culture, not only on the streets and in local drive-ins, but in entertainment as well. In movies, the stars were often a combination of character and car. Even the hit songs of the 60s captured a generation and lifestyle focused on cars and girls. From the little Deuce Coupe to the '34 wagon, "Woody" to the little GTO, cars began to take center stage

  14. A Nation On The Wheel ---Car Culture in America IV Ever since, car culture has been a major niche lifestyle in America. In 2001, Universal Pictures' "The Fast and the Furious" opened #1 at the box office, outperforming movies with bigger budgets, mega-stars and expensive special events. The hot music, hip clothes and flashy cars gave the film a uniquely broad appeal. Plus, you didn't have to be a car enthusiast to "get it." Everyone could appreciate the high-performance machines and what they could do.

  15. Drive-ins • Drive-in is a place offering a service ,where people stay in their cars while using the service provided. • In American there are drive-in movies, drive-in banks, drive-in restaurants, and even drive-in churches. This is the nation’s largest chain of double drive-thru restaurants. With two drive-thru lanes and a walk-up window at our more than 800 locations, we are ideally positioned for today’s on-the-go guest. Known for our full-flavored, hand seasoned burgers, thick shakes and famous seasoned fries, Checkers/Rally’s provides the great tasting, fresh food with the robust flavors you crave – making our brand slogan, “little place.BIG TASTESM,” undeniable. 

  16. Ball Games In Olympics--- Cricket • Cricket is a team sport for two teams of eleven players each. A formal game of cricket can last anything from an afternoon to several days. Although the game play and rules are very different, the basic concept of cricket is similar to that of baseball. Teams bat in successive innings and attempt to score runs, while the opposing team fields and attempts to bring an end to the batting team's innings. After each team has batted an equal number of innings (either one or two, depending on conditions chosen before the game), the team with the most runs wins. Cricket ball

  17. Ball Games In Olympics golf 高尔夫球 cricket 板球 volleyball 排球 badminton 羽毛球 table tennis 乒乓球 baseball 棒球 basketball 篮球 football/soccer 足球 tennis 网球 rugby 橄榄球 softball 垒球 handball 手球 water polo 水球

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