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CNC Machining

CNC Machining

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CNC Machining

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  1. Welcome To Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics & Plastic Co., Ltd.

  2. Hengtai MFG Offer Professional Stamping Manufacturing Services Summary: Hengtai MFG is a renowned company which offer stamping manufacturing services to clients. We also offer injection molding and contract manufacturing. Hengtai MFG is a professional metal stamping parts manufacturer in China. We can design, manufacture, process and stamping aluminum, iron, copper and stainless steel metal stamping parts. OEM hardware parts order acceptable. We do the technical research by ourselves and keep on developing new products all the time.

  3. We recognized for manufacturing China Stamping. We have gained a high reputation in this field . We sincerely desire to establish long-term business relations with reliable partners world wide. Our metalworking includes sheet metal stamping, progressive stamping, deep drawn stamping, the material we can process is steel, copper, aluminum and some other metals. One can also contact us for Injection Molding Services. We make stamping dies and manufacture metal parts in house. All these pictures are just for reference

  4. what we do is OEM business, please send us drawings or samples, then we will quote them with competitive pricing and offer best custom metal stamping services. We offers OEM metal stamping, metal parts custom stamping, deep drawn stamping, sheet metal stamping, sheet metal fabrication, progressive die stamping, tool and die making, as well as secondary operations, finishing and packaging.

  5. We are well recognized Contract Manufacturer. We can design and fabricate complex deep drawn stamping die by ourselves, and produce all kinds of deep drawn stampings as customers' specific requirement . For all of the above dies and processes, we have an abundance of experience and can offer reliable quality and delivery time to our customers . A good and successful hot stamping process is defined by the quality of the original work of art. To have a good and high quality product, the original work of art should be camera ready. We pride itself in design and engineering involvement that starts with product development, and moves through prototyping, manufacturing, and assembly to warehousing and point of use.

  6. Contact us: Business Name : Jiangsu Hengtai Electronics & Plastic Co., Ltd. Street Address : #2 Yunmei Road, Tianmu Lake Industrial Park Country: China City: Liyang State: Jiangsu Postal Code: 213300 Tel: 0519-87961188 Fax:0519-87962388 Email: Website:

  7. Thank You