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  1. JEOPARDY The Judicial Branch

  2. Categories Judiciary and the Constitution 100 200 300 400 500 Vocabulary 100 200 300 400 500 Court Organization 100 200 300 400 500 Court Cases 100 200 300 400 500 Leaders 100 200 300 400 500 Hodge Podge 100 200 300 400 500

  3. Final Jeopardy

  4. The Article of the Constitution that created the federal court system. What is Article III?

  5. Name for cases concerning rules, accidents, or crimes on the high seas. What are maritime cases?

  6. Identify which of the following is not a constitutional right:a. right to a public trialb. right to a trial by juryc. right to a pardond. right to be considered innocent until proven guilty What is right to a pardon?

  7. . What is a case involving a dispute over child support? • Which of these is not a case • for a federal court? • A patent dispute • Suit between two states • A dispute over child support

  8. The authority of a court to hear a case appealed from a lower court. What is appellate jurisdiction?

  9. A court order that requires a person to appear in court: What is a subpoena?

  10. Previous, similar case used as a guidline for a current case. What is a precedent?

  11. “Don’t Choke!” Daily Double

  12. This offers a detailed explanation of the legal thinking behind a court’s decision: What is an opinion?

  13. Court calender for scheduling cases to be heard: What is a docket?

  14. Geographic area covered by a court: What is a circuit?

  15. What are the Supreme Court, appellate courts, and district courts? Name the 3 levels of the federal court system from top to bottom.

  16. Areas of authority in which both state and federal courts may decide cases. What is concurrent jurisdiction?

  17. Areas of authority in which only federal courts may hear and decide a case. What is exclusive jurisdiction?

  18. Name of federal court where trials are heard and lawsuits are begun. What are district courts?

  19. This court case overturned Plessy vs. Ferguson (1896)on “separate but equal” What was Brown vs. Board of Education?

  20. This court case established the Supreme Court’s power of judicial review : What was Marbury vs. Madison?

  21. “Don’t Choke!” Daily Double

  22. This case declared person accused of a major crime had the right to a lawyer. What is Gideon vs. Wainwright?

  23. This 1966 case ruled that at the time of arrest suspects cannot be questioned until informed of their rights. What is Miranda vs. Arizona?

  24. This case involved a problem over a President appointing 59 judges in 3 days at the end of his term of office. What is Madison vs. Marbury?

  25. First female Supreme Court justice. Who was Sandra Day O’Connor

  26. This man was the first African American Supreme Court justice. Who was Thurgood Marshall?

  27. Man appointed as justice of the peace by President John Addams. Who was William Marbury?

  28. What is judicial review? The power to say whether any federal, state or local government action is unconstitutional.

  29. This president refused to obey a Supreme Court ruling concerning land treaties with the Cherokee nation. Who was Andrew Jackson?

  30. This is the guiding principle for courts that makes decisions predictable and consistent. What is stare decisis?

  31. This court reviews decisions made in lower courts. What is an appellate court?

  32. When an appeals court sends back a case to a lower court. What is remanding a case?

  33. District courts have this type of jurisdiction or authority to hear federal cases first. What is original jurisdiction?

  34. This Latin term means “let the decision stand.” What is “stare decisis”?

  35. Which chief justice’s opinion set forth the 3 principles of judicial review? Who was John Marshall?