regional consultation on cyber security in africa n.
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About ACCP

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  1. Regional Consultation on Cyber Security in AfricaMultimedia University , Nairobi Nairobi, Kenya, 23 - 24 August 2013Organized by: UNECA Sizwe Lindelo SNAIL Ka MtuzeAfrican Centre for Cyberlaw and Cybercrime Prevention (ACCP) and United Nations African Institute for the Prevention of Crime and the Treatment of Offenders (UNAFRI)

  2. About ACCP • ACCP Centre is based in Kampala, Uganda at UNAFRI office • Non-governmental voluntary association which represent a network of African and international experts, academics, fellows, researchers, law enforcement and lawyers working to identify and engage with the challenges and opportunities of cyberspace , e-commerce, cyber security and fight cybercrime in Africa in particular and worldwide, at large. • Our experts investigate real boundaries in cyberspace between open and closed systems of commerce, of governance, and of education, as well as exploring the relationship of law to each.

  3. Our Team • The Centre is headed by 2 (two) Directors namely : • Dr Mohamed Chawki and Dr John Kisembo • This is supported by the General Secretary ,Prof Maicibi Alhas • 2 (two) Co-ordinators namely Mr Patrick Mwaita ( local ) and Mr • Sizwe Lindelo Snail Ka Mtuze (International ) • We have quiet a number of Expert Fellows and Associates throughout Africa as well as from other Countries in the world organising and conducting research and organising International Conferences

  4. Objectives of ACCP • Are to engage with a wide spectrum of cyberspace issues, including internet governance, privacy, intellectual property rights, cyber-criminality and cybercrime (cybercrime control and prevention), content control, e-commerce, decision-making, technologies in public administration, freedom of information in digital records including those in electronic health and biometrics system and any other relevant research topic of interest • Our diverse research interests cohere in a common understanding of the Internet as a social and political space where constraints upon inhabitants are determined not only through the traditional application of law, but, more subtly, through technical architecture, wherefrom criminals take advantage to defraud the unsuspecting cyberspace community. • Engage and collaborate with local , regional and International organisations with common research interest and focal areas.

  5. Modus Operandi As part of our active research mission, we: • Work with other NGOs, local and International governmental bodies, research and training institutions, etc. • Develop partnerships among all levels of government, education, business, community organizations, law enforcement and the general public. • Conduct action-oriented and policy-oriented researches on cyber related issues. • Organize conferences, workshops, seminars, etc. e. Provide training services, including basic, advanced and specialized courses. f. Assist civil society and NGOs in coordinating efforts in the area of cybercrime prevention. • A variety of consulting services is provided by the ACCP • Our experts advise governments and regional organization on policy making , assistance with legislative drafting , assist with interpreting and applying Regional and International Model Laws on Cyber law , Cyber Crime and Cyber security

  6. Conferences and Workshops Organised and Publication • We have organised a number or regional and International Workshops since our inception in 2008 in Egypt, Uganda, Tanzania, South Africa , Morocco, the United States of America from which Conference Proceedings have been published. • We are currently busy organising conferences / workshop in Zambia Nigeria and Ghanafor 2014 and would welcome any further requests by interested countries to host further research activities . • Our Fellows and Associates and Researchers also have published in several International Journals and are also responsible for publishing books and Mono-graphs on Cyberlaw and Cyber Crime and Cyber-Security Issues

  7. Contact Us : AfricanCenter for Cyberlaw and Cybercrime Prevention (ACCP) P.O Box 10590, Kampala, Uganda. Tel. +2566 414 221 119 Fax +256 312 263 797 Web site: Alternatively you may direct and queries to : 1. Mr Patrick Mwaita - 2. Mr Sizwe Lindelo SNAIL - E-Mail : THANK YOU FOR TAKING TIME TO TAKE INTEREST IN ACCP ……