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Truck Driver

Truck Driver

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Truck Driver

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  1. Truck Driver

  2. How to become a truck driver • First off you need to graduate from high school and have your diploma. Most of the time you will need but there are some people that won’t care. • Maintain a clean driving record. • Obtain a C.D.L commercial driving license. • Have to pass the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations. • Then pass the F.M.C.S.R physical test.

  3. Why a truck driver • I want to become a truck driver because that’s what my dad does and I have operated almost all the machines he has brought home. I think its fun to use these machines to get the jobs done it is a lot easier with a back co or excavator than shovels.

  4. School for being a truck driver • L.C.C has a program for people that want to become truck drivers you can join the program for 4,100 dollars. • Training last 5 weeks from start to finish. • No less than 208 hours 60 hours in the classroom and 148 in the truck.

  5. How much you would make in a year • Your first year you would make between 25 thousand and 35 thousand. • As you would work for a longer period of time you would make more money with the company the more hours you have under your belt really matters.

  6. Back Up Career • For my back up plan I would want to operate heavy machinery I have operated many of these machines already and I have dug holes and things with them so I would want to do that.

  7. School for heavy equipment operator • L.C.C and AIS have a program for people that want to be heavy equipment operators this is where you will learn the safety and efficiently to operate heavy machinery and maintain all different equipment.

  8. How to become a Heavy equipment Operator • You have to get your C.D.L. • You have to know the operation and maintenance of the different pieces of equipment. • The Hazards and safety rules, and precautions. • Traffic laws • The ability to operate all the various equipment. • Balance and judge distances.

  9. Heavy Equipment Operator salary • Agricultural Equipment operators make 25 to 30 thousand a year. Logging equipment operators make 30 to 35 thousand a year. Then chemical equipment operators make 40 to 45 thousand a year.

  10. Why equipment operator • Because I like to operate these machines and I have operated a lot of them because my dad has brought them home before and I have driven them and have experience with them and I have funny digging holes or whatever ou need me to do.